Baby wipes

On some of the craft sites they have been talking a lot about using the baby wipe method to paint wood so that it looks stained. I finally took the time to look into it and try it. Wisconsin winters it can make it hard to spray paint and other methods of painting often leave brush marks. This method is quick, easy, and looks great.


Pine wood

Baby wipes

Acrylic craft paint



15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade Force 34

Speed 500

I basically took a baby wipe, dipped it in acrylic craft paint, and then wiped it over the board like you would stain, rubbing with the grain of the wood. Because I was using white paint I did several coats, sanding lightly in between each coat. It was so simple and so quick!  I love being able to see the wood grain through the paint.

I designed the file in KNK Studio using fonts and basic shapes. The lines with circles are just a long thin rectangle and circles welded together. If you make one circle, click on layout and then array you can evenly space the circles. The arrow is made using a free font called arrow crafter. EDIT…just realized this file doesn’t have an arrow but check out the free font, it is awesome!

Then it was just a simple matter of using clear transfer tape and applying the vinyl to the wood. I like to allow any paint or stain a few days to dry, a minimum of 24 hours but longer if possible.

Here is the file how is it possible best girl
how is it possible MTC



Beautiful Box Wedding Invitations Embellished with Ribbons

Beautiful Box Wedding Invitations Embellished with Ribbons Beautiful Box Wedding Invitations Embellished with Ribbons

My Cousin is getting married and they asked me to please make this  Beautiful Box Wedding Invitations Embellished with Ribbons. They saw the file on the internet and I bought it to make their invitations. If you would like to have the file, you can find it here.

I needed to make 80 invitations, so I used my KNK Groove-e with MTC software and my KNK Force with SCAL to hurry up the process.

The materials that I used for this beautiful Box Wedding Invitations Embellished with Ribbons were:

Settings for KNK Force:

  • Passes = 2
  • SD = 40
  • CD = 80
  • CS =  15
  • US = Default-40
  • PS = Default-20
  • LS = Default – 20
  • Red Blade
  • BT = 2

Settings for KNK Groove-e:

  • Passes = 2
  • Blue blade
  • V = 150
  • F = 40
  1. I bought and downloaded the file to my computer.
  2. Then, Using SCAL I open the file to be cut. In SCAL the file opened to me the correct size that I need it. In MTC, I have no idea why it opened smaller and I had to resize it to the one that I wanted. (I opened the exact same file on each software)
  3. After the file was completely cut, I started gluing them to form the box.
  4. Then, I added the ribbon and the Rhinestones.
  5. Finally, I printed the invitation on a Fine Paper and rolled it up like a scroll and also tied a bow with ribbons and a Rhinestone.


I have had friends ask me if I could make personalized coffee cups and while I have told them yes, I  also tell them they are not dishwasher safe. I would use the permanent vinyl and it would last through many hand washes. But I wanted something I didn’t have to worry about so when I found an inexpensive mug press I bought it! Such fun!!!


HTV heat transfer vinyl


mug heat press


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 32

Speed 400

multi pass 2

When cutting HTV I always use the multicut. I simply typed the sayings, resized them to fit the mug, mirrored the image and cut it. Once it was cut and weeded it was just a matter of applying it to the cup and placing it in the heat press. I used 350 degrees for 60 second but each press will have it’s own settings. My son in law and niece are realtors so I thought they might enjoy these cups.

Upcycle a Vintage Window – Create a One-of-a-Kind Piece for Your Home

Photo of upcycled old window with sailboat on itIt’s easy to upcycle a vintage window with some intermediate vinyl and a simple design.

While these vinyled windows may not be quite the trend they were a couple of years ago, they still look amazing with the ever popular farmhouse decor.

For my two most recent vintage window projects, I chose windows that have 6 panes, but any old window with a wooden sash will do. Please keep in mind that many old windows have lead paint. Because of this, you will want to take care of anything that might be chipping off. Sometimes I am able to leave the windows as I find them, and other times they need a bit of work.

The sash for my sailboat window didn’t really have any paint left on it, and I liked it just as it was. Hubby did spray the wood for me with a clear lacquer, just to make it a little easier to keep clean. However, you really wouldn’t have to even do that.

Capture of design software window layout

When using windows with several panes, it is easiest to divide your design before you cut it. I prefer to draw up the window in my design software before I do any cutting. By doing this, I am able to lay the image out so that I know exactly where the muntins (the pieces of wood that divide the panes of glass) will cross my design. That way, I can put cut lines there, making the large vinyl design easier to manage and lay out on the window after cutting.


Settings for Zing Orbit and MTC:

  • Force – 23
  • Speed – 10
  • Multicut – 1

Photo of upcycled old window with Easter Quote


  • Clean and refurbish sash of window as needed.
  • Clean glass. Use a razor blade to clean up any old paint drips, etc. from glass.
  • If needed, lay out design on drawing of window as shown above. This will not be necessary in all cases. Put cut lines where required in design.
  • Cut and weed design. Apply transfer tape.
  • If you have a large self-healing cutting mat, it is useful to lay that out on your work table and place your window on top of it. This way you can use the lines of the mat to line up your design as you place it on the window. (Just make sure you have the window aligned carefully with the line of the mat before you begin laying out your vinyl.)
  • Place your vinyl carefully on the glass. In some cases, you might have vinyl that comes up to an inside corner of crossed muntins. (In the case of the sailboat design, you’ll see that I did not have this issue, as the design did not cross any corners. You may want to consider this issue when you choose your design.) If so, work your vinyl carefully into the corner and up the wooden muntins.
  • You may need to slice the vinyl from the outside corner in slightly to be able to work the vinyl into the corner. Use your squeegee to get any air bubbles out, working from the middle of the vinyl outward. Snug vinyl up to muntin and use an xacto knife and straight edge to careful trim any vinyl at the edge of the muntin.
  • Continue in this way until your design is complete.
  • Now, display your vintage window work of art for all to admire!



Happy 9th Birthday Hailey Grace!!!

Today is my granddaughter’s ninth birthday! She is just a sweetheart. Usually my daughter asks me to help her with the birthday preparations but a year ago I purchased a used KNK Maxx and it is now at her house. She designed this invite in KNK Studio. She then mirrored the image, sized it for her invite, saved it as a jpeg, imported it into word, and printed her invitations. Because it is a Nancy Drew themed mystery solving party she mirrored the image so the recipients had to hold it to a mirror to read it. It thrills me that both my daughter and granddaughter enjoy creating thing just like me! And oh how I loved Nancy Drew! I think her books were the first books I owned as a child, they were my treasures!



KNK Studio



She also decided to make the girls shirts.

Although her birthday is tomorrow we will celebrate all week Happy Birthday Hailey Grace!!!