Personalized Gift for Any Occasion – Specially for Someone Special (SPANISH)

Personalized Gift for Any Occasion Christmas is right around the corner! Meaning it is time to start preparing our gifts. With this Personalized Gift for Any Occasion, we can make one for all of our loved ones. Just change the message and or the theme. There are truly limitless possibilities. The glass makes the gift appear more refined and professional while maintaining a fragile cuteness!

Personalized Gift for Any Occasion


Settings to the Vynil:

  • Blade = Red
  • F = 6
  • V = 250
  • P= 1

Settings to cut the cardstock:

  • Blade = Red
  • F =15
  • V = 150
  • P= 1


  1. I searched MTC for a Butterfly and made it the size that would fit inside the glass.
  2. Then, I made a shadow layer from that butterfly to cut it out with cardstock.
  3. I wrote the phrase that I wanted to use “Mujer Virtuosa” which means (virtuous woman) to put in front of the glass.
  4. Now, From vinyl, I cut the Phrase “Mujer Virtuosa” and the butterfly.
  5. Then, I cut the shadow of the butterfly out of cardstock.
  6. Next, I glued the dry branch to the mirror candle base. Then, I glued the butterfly and a flower to the branch  (this flower can be done with paper too).
  7. After everything is glued, I then put the glass to cover the branch. I glued the glass to the small mirror with epoxy to stay in place.
  8. Finally, I place the Phrase “Mujer Virtuosa” on the front of the glass.


Las Navidades ya están aquí y es tiempo de preparar nuestros regalos. Con estos regalos personalizado para cualquier ocasión, nosotros podemos hacer uno para cada persona especial. Sólo cambie el mensaje o el tema y tendrás uno diferente para cada persona especial en tu lista. Este cristal hace que tu regalo lusca má delicado y adorable.

Personalized Gift for Any Occasion


Ajustes para cortar el Vynil:

  • Cuchilla = Roja
  • F = 6
  • V = 250
  • P= 1

Ajustes para cortar la Cartulina:

  • Cuchilla = Roja
  • F =15
  • V = 150
  • P= 1


  1. Yo busqué una mariposa en MTC y la hice a un tamaño para que cupiera en el embase de cristal.
  2. Luego, hice una sombra de la mariposa para cortarla en cartulina.
  3. Luego escribí la frase “Mujer Virtuosa”  para ubicarla al frente del embase de cristal.
  4. Ahora, corté la mariposa y la frase “Mujer Virtuosa” utilizando el vinil.
  5. Luego, corté la sombra de la mariposa utilizando la cartulina.
  6. Después, pegué la rama seca al espejo y a la rama le pegué la mariposa y una flor (esta flor puede hacerse de papel).
  7. Luego de haber pegado todo, ubiqué el embase de cristal para cubrir la rama seca.
  8. Luego, pegué el embase de crital al espejo utiliando Epoxy para mantenerlo en su lugar.
  9. Por último, pegué la frase “Mujer Virtuosa” al frente del embase de cristal

Happy Halloween Banner

Hello KNKers! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I liked the banner I made last month so much I knew I wanted to make one for Halloween.

So I did.

I used a cool free font called Frankendork Tall. I put an outline on it to thicken it up a bit and set it off against the paper. The paper is just a DCWV Halloween /Fall stack. I used the chipboard from the KNK store. It’s nice because one 12×12 sheet cuts nicely into 9 4×4 squares. I added some embellishments and ribbon and had a cool little decoration for my classroom.

I used Zing to cut out the letters (red blade, 10/10)

MTC to cut out the letters: It’s so cool that you don’t have to actually install a font in MTC to use it. I really like that feature.


Batty Halloween Wreath at a Spooktacular Price! Free!

I don’t know about you, but I am going batty this time of year with a packed quilt show/teaching schedule. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love all the spooky decorations. I designed this Batty Halloween Wreath for my small cutting group using elements from one of my quilting design collections converted to SVG and some bare tree branches from the MTC User Gallery. And I am sharing these files with you free!

While it is a Halloween wreath featured here, you can easily use the wreath base in different colors and add other seasonal cut files to adapt it for any holiday. A brown twig base for fall with leaves, a green one for Christmas. And how about Easter or Valentine’s Day? The possibilities are endless!


Cardstock – Halloween patterned and at least 4 sheets of black solid.
Foam Core Board – Black about 12” square.
Fuzzy Craft Wire (pipe cleaners).
Glue – Hot glue gun and basic paper adhesives.
Seasonal Embellishments – Let your creativity go wild!
Free Files! – Batty Halloween Wreath

Maxx Air Settings

KNK Zing/Zing Air/Maxx Air Standard Material Detail Blade
Machine settings depend on the cardstock papers you choose.

Process Details

Wreath Form – I used foam core board to provide a stiff sturdy base for my wreath. Unfortunately, we cannot cut foam core board in our cutting machines due to its thickness. I did manage to get a piece into my Maxx Air by moving three of the pinch wheels to the far left and was able to lower one partially on the farthest left grit wheel. But you can only score the board with a blade or use a pen to draw the circle base, so it is safer to use the template method. Using the Wreath Form SVG, cut a template out of cardstock or chipboard, and trace onto foam core board. Cut foam core board manually with a circle cutter tool or X-Acto type knife.

Wreath Base – Cut one Wreath Base and glue to the wreath form, centering the form beneath the base.

Branches – Cut at least two sheets of each branch size. Layer branches over the wreath base to form a pleasing twig branch wreath look.

Bats – I cut out lots of bats! I only wanted bats on mine so I cut few from every patterned cardstock I had. (17 to 20) Cut them all from one paper or divide number needed over several different papers. Finger fold the wings as desired for a 3D effect. Glue a short length of black pipe cleaner to underside. My friends Joanne and Karen also cut some cats to add to theirs.

Assembly – Punch holes through completed wreath with a stiletto or ice pick. Thread the pipe cleaner through hole and bend over form back, securing with hot glue. Shape front of wire to position bat as desired.

Add other sparkly or spooky embellishments as desired to make the wreath your own! This is a fun crafting activity for a group. Even though we all cut the same basic wreath our personal design choices made each one different.









Halloween is just around the corner! Free File Downloads

I love fall, and the vibrant colors of autumn are blooming here in central Michigan! I already have the house decorated for Halloween but also wanted to bring a few  disposable decorations to my office. I recently started using SCAL 4 instead of MTC and this was a perfect project to exercise my new knowledge. I could not find an SCAL 4 keyboard shortcut list so I made one up. You can download it here. If you know of any shortcuts that I missed, email me at and I’ll get it updated.

SCAL 4 shortcuts

I used the spider and web from the library in SCAL. Then all I had to do was create a shadow box and weld (ALT + U) the web to it.

Halloween Light Box:

I used WorldWin CutMates Licorice card stock. This is still THE BEST brand of card stock to cut, hand down! If I was going to keep these boxes for future use I would probably make them with WorldWin ColorMates Smooth & Silky since it is a much thicker material and is also a dream to cut.

Halloween Light Box

No adhesive is necessary for the box, although they may last longer with a little bit on the flaps. The pop dot is white which makes the eyes on the spider appear white.


Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 42
  • v = 300
  • p = 1


  1. Open design file in SCAL 4.
  2. Add additional elements as desired.
  3. Hide cut layer and emboss fold lines.
  4. View cut layer, hide emboss layer and cut out the box.
  5. Fold at crease lines and assemble.
  6. Place light inside.
  7. Use a pop dot to adhere the spider or other embellishment.

Halloween Light Box

Click here to download the box file.


Sorry for the late post. I knew what I wanted to make but haven’t had a spare minute to make it. My son’s girlfriend decided we should try making earrings so we bought the basic supplies. We then decided it may be a winter craft project because so far it has been to nice out to sit inside.

I saw a lot of leather earrings and then found that Cricut made a faux leather. You know if it cuts with a Cricut it will cut better with a KNK. Because I was in a hurry these are a rough draft. I used the red capped blade and should have used the blue or maybe even the fabric. The faux leather has a felt like back and cutting it with the red capped blade resulted in a lot of “fuzzies” that need cleaning up. The fuzzies are hard to cut with a scissors so I may apply some type of sealant to the back to hold them down. They aren’t “awesome” but it was fun trying something new and I will continue to work with the faux leather.


Cricut faux leather

jump ring

earring hook


red capped blade (I would suggest blue)

15″ KNK Maxx

Force 90 4 passes

Speed 500