Personalized Rhinestone Gift Idea Using KNK Cutter Machine

Personalized Rhinestone Gift Idea Using KNK Cutter Machine, Omayra Duarte Personalized Rhinestone Gift Idea Using KNK Cutter Machine, Omayra Duarte

There is always a good reason to make any gift. Especially a Personalized Rhinestone Gift Idea Using KNK Cutter Machines. There was not a special occasion. I made This gift for my AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL Mother because she deserved it! This is a gift that you can make for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s day, teacher appreciation, etc.

I wanted to do something a little bit different with this project. So, I used Rhinestones and instead of applying them on a Shirt, I applied them to a glass vase. The results were Adorable!


Settings KNK Force:

  • Blade = Blue
  • BT = 1.5
  • P= 2
  • SD = 75
  • ED = 100
  • CS= 15


  1. Because I already had a vase with a heart shape, The First thing to do was to measure the vase, in order to draw a heart in SCAL 5 utilizing the measures that I took.
  2. Once I had the heart already drawn in SCAL, I then selected the letter that I would be using.
  3. I decided to use the Rhinestones SS 10 for the heart shape. Using Effect>Rhinestone, I chose the SS 13 so the holes would be a little bit bigger than my Rhinestones.
  4. For the letter, I decided to use a smaller Rhinestones (SS 6), So using Effect>Rhinestone and I chose SS 10.
  5. When everything was done in the software, I sent it to KNK Force to be cut on the Motif Rubber.
  6. Then, I poured the respective Rhinestones on each design and applied the Transfer tape on top of them, to then be able to transfer them to the glass.
  7. Using alcohol, I cleaned the glass where the Rhinestones would be applied.
  8. With the Iron on high, I applied the Rhinestones on the glass.


Personalized Rhinestone Gift Idea Using KNK Cutter Machine, Omayra Duarte

Siempre hay una buena razón para hacer un regalo, especialmente un regalo Personalizado con Rhinestones utilizando las Máquinas KNK. No había una celebración especial pero hice este regalo para mi INCREIBLE Y HERMOSA Madre, sólo porque ella se lo merece! Este es un regalo que puedes hacer para Navidad, cumpleaños, dia de San Valentín, para los maestros, etc.

Para este proyecto quise hacer algo un poco diferente, por lo que utilicé imitaciones de diamantes y en lugar de aplicarlas en una camisa, las apliqué a un jarrón de vidrio. ¡El resultado fue Adorable!


Settings KNK Force:

  • Cuchilla = Azul
  • BT = 1.5
  • P= 2
  • SD = 75
  • ED = 100
  • CS= 15


  1. Como ya tenía un florero en forma de corazón, lo primero que hice fue medir el florero para diseñar un corazón en SCAL 5 con las medidas tomadas.
  2. Una vez el corazón fue diseñado en SCAL, entonces seleccioné la letra que estaría utilizando.
  3. Para la figura de corazón decidí utilizar unos diamantes de imitacion SS10. Utilizando Efectos>Estrás escogí SS13 para que los agujeros me quedaran un poco más grande que los diamantes de imitacion que iba a utilizar.
  4. Para la letra, yo decidí utilizar un diamante de imitación mas pequeña (SS 6). Asi que utilizando Efectos>Estrás, seleccioné SS 10.
  5. Cuando todo estaba listo en el programa, envié esto a mi cortadora KNK Force para ser cortado en Motif Rubber.
  6. Luego, derramé los respectivos diamantes de imitaciones sobre cada diseño y puse la cinta de transferencia encima de estos para ser transferidos al vidrio.
  7. Utilizando alcohol, limpié el vidrio donde ubicaría los diamantes de imitación.
  8. Con la plancha en alta temperatura, transferí los diamantes de imitaciós al vidrio.

Rotary Tool Wood Engraved and Painted (Spanish)

Rotary Tool Wood Engraved and Painted, Omayra Duarte

We have a new member in our family, it’s a girl! Now, I wanted to bring her a present but I also wanted to bring to my granddaughter (oldest of the two) a present as well. I was wondering what gift would make her feel as special as she is. I didn’t want her to feel excluded, lol. So I decided to make her a Rotary Tool Wood Engraved and Painted illustration with her name on it. Using my KNK Force and the Rotary tool, I was able to make her truly happy. When she read her name on that piece of wood, She was so excited, you could see the joy in her face. I felt that I had gone above and beyond my goals.

This is how the wood looks when the engraving is finished. I LOVE it!!!! I decided to paint the wood but you can just apply a layer of varnish, leaving the wood in it’s natural state.

Rotary Tool Wood Engraved and Painted, Omayra Duarte

This is another project that assures me I have the BEST machines.

Rotary Tool Wood Engraved and Painted Materials:


  • Blade Offset = 0
  • Passes (Multi-Cut) = 3
  • SD = 30
  • ED = 95
  • US = 25
  • CS = 15
  • PS = 15
  • LS = 40


  1. First, I choose the design that I wanted to use and then I wrote my Granddaughter’s name.
  2. Then, I marked the center of the wood that I was using, Due that I used the Center Point as a Cut Mode.
  3. After that, I taped the wood to my mat to secure it.
  4. Once the mat was in place, I then established the Origin exactly on the middle of my wood.
  5. When everything was set, I turned on the Rotary tool and then clicked on the cut icon to make the Engraving.

The results were very nice and clean. I LOVE it!


Rotary Tool Wood Engraved and Painted, Omayra Duarte

Tenemos un nuevo miembro en nuestra familia. Así que quise traerle un regalo pero me estuve preguntando que regalo llevarle a mi nieta para hacerla sentir especial también. Por lo que decidí hacerle una Madera Grabada y pintada con su nombre utilizanto la Herramienta Rotatoria. Así que utilizando mi KNK Force y la Herramienta Rotatoria pude hacerla muy feliz. Cuando ella leyó su nombre en la pieza de madera, ella se puso tan contenta que me hizo sentir que había alcanzado mi meta, Hacerla sentir Especial!

Así es como se ve la madera una vez grabada. Me ENCANTA!!! Yo decidí pintar la madera pero ustedes solo pueden aplicar una capa de Varnish y dejar la madera natural.

Rotary Tool Wood Engraved and Painted, Omayra Duarte

Este es otro proyecto que me asegura tener Las MEJORES máquinas.



  • Blade Offset = 0
  • Passes (Multi Cut) = 3
  • SD = 30
  • ED = 95
  • US = 25
  • CS = 15
  • PS = 15
  • LS = 40


  1. Primero, decidí el diseño a utilizar y luego escribí el nombre de mi nieta.
  2. Luego, marqué el centro de la pieza de madera que estaba utilizando, ya que estaba utilizando “Center Point” como Modo de Corte (Cut Mode).
  3. Luego de eso, Con cinta adhesiva aseguré la madera al tapete de corte.
  4. Una vez el tapete estaba en su lugar, establecí el Origen exactamente en el medio de mi madera.
  5. Cuando todo estaba listo, prendí la Herramienta Rotatoria y luego hice clic en cortar para hacer el grabado.

El resultado fue limpio y nítido, Me Encanta!

Styrofoam Name Decoration’s Baby Shower, Beautiful Decoration

Styrofoam Name Decoration's Baby Shower

My Nephew is having a Baby, so, we made Styrofoam Name Decoration’s Baby Shower to decorate their table. This name is a 3D project that is very easy to make.

The materials that we are going to use for the Styrofoam Name Decoration’s Baby Shower project are:

Settings for Groove-e Machine:

  • Force = 10
  • Speed = 150

Steps to make the Decorative Arc:

  1. I designed the name of the baby using MTC
  2. Then, I cut the name using Vynil and with the transfer tape, I pasted the name Styrofoam Name Decoration's Baby Shower on a styrofoam block. Because my styrofoam was not thick, I glued two styrofoam together to make it thicker. Styrofoam Name Decoration's Baby Shower
  3. After that, I cut the styrofoam using a Hot knife foam cutter
  4. Once all the letters were cut, I removed the vinyl and painted everything white.
  5. With the paint still wet, I just poured glitter on it.
  6. Finally, I embellished it using some paper flowers and a sign that I had done in the past.

Beautiful Baby Shower Doll Decoration, Excellent Party Favor

This is a Beautiful Baby Shower Doll Decoration, Excellent Party Favor made with Foamy and the Wonderful KNK Cutting machines. KNK Cutters, can cut Foamy with ease. What I really love about using my KNK with foamy is that once you have the file, you do not need to re-measure or mark your foamy again to cut it. Just open the file, send the file to cut and you will have the exact same result as before. You can also  cut more than one piece at a time, which makes you work faster, saving you not only time but material.


  • KNK Digital Cutting Machine (I used the KNK Force for this project)
  • Blue cap blade (I just noticed that the Blue Cap Blade cut the 3mm foamy perfectly and clean)
  • MTC
  • Foamy
  • Foam Ball (I used the Christmas Foam ball ornament)
  • Iron
  • Glue gun
  • Piece of fabric
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Embellishes
  • Paintbrush

KNK Force Settings:

  • Blade = Blue
  • BT = 1
  • P= 1
  • CD = 70
  • CS= 20
  • UP = 20
  • PS = 40
  • LP = 40
  • BO = Blue blade

KNK Groove-e Settings

  • Blade = Blue
  • F = 25 – 35
  • V = 150


  1. First, I searched the internet for a picture of a short pant and I traced it in MTC,  using the Draw Bézier.
  2. Then, I measured the Foam balls to know the size of the pieces that would be forming the face, the hair and the body. Including the legs.
  3. Then, I searched MTC for some arms.


  1. To form their heads, I preheat my iron and put it to the Foamy that would be forming the hair. When the foamy is manageable, I try to cover 1/2 of the foam ball. And I did the same with the other half of the Foam ball, with the foamy, that would be forming the face.
  2. After having both pieces covering the head, I trimmed the excess.
  3. Now, I heated the hair to make it curly or just heat half of them to make it straight. If you want the hair to look straight, do not heat too much and with the palm of your hand, you will form the ponytail. After the hair has the shape that you want it, glue it to the head. At this point, you can draw her face.


  1. To form the belly, I cut the medium Foamball NOT in half but a little bit more than a half. I could say one finger more than half.
  2. I then placed the baby foot that I cut and I glued five beads to make the toes. Then, I did the exact same process that I did with the head. Preheat the piece of Foamy that will be covering the belly and I covered the foam ball

Chest and Shoes: (The chest and shoes have the same process)

  1. Take a small foam ball and cut it in half. For shoes, cut each half foam ball in less than half again. For the chest, cut almost in half again or the size that you want.
  2. Then glue the Shoes to a piece of foamy to make the underneath of the shoes and trim it.
  3. Finally, put a border to the shoes and a piece to make the belt
  4. Then, glue the shoes to the legs, which were done just rolling the foamy to a wood stick.

Short Pant:

  1. You need two pieces of the short pant. The first thing that you are going to do is to fold a little bit the end of the legs to make a the seam in the pants.
  2. Then, you are going to put the outside of the pant inside to glue it like shown in picture #1. Picture #2 is showing that you are going to glue just the right and left border of the pant. Picture #3 shows that you have to pull the inside of the pant out in order to glue between the legs to finish forming the pant.


  1. I heated the arms so they take that curve. Then, I glued a piece of fabric to make the sleeve and put them aside.


  1. Now is time to make her body. Take a foam ball exactly the same size that you did for her belly and cut it in half. Cover that half foam ball with the foamy cut for her body. You do not have to heat this foamy, Just glue it to the half foam ball.
  2. Now that you have the body, it is time to put everything together.
    1. Start gluing the belly to the body.
    2. Now glue the chest without the blouse and then put the blouse covering the upper part of the body.
    3. And then glue the short pant.
    4. Then glue a piece of fabric around the blouse.
    5. Glue the Head, the arms and the legs.
    6. Embellish as desired.




Paper Home Decor, Mother’s Day, Parties Centerpieces

This is a Paper Home Decor, Mother’s Day, Parties Centerpieces, etc that we can use to embellish any home or party table. This beautiful project was done using recycling material, regular colored copy paper, spray paint, and some other materials to embellish. During the process, to determine the correct size. The first cut I made was very small, so I formed a butterfly with those small pieces. The tree has two different flowers that I formed using the exact same file. I did it so you can see that with just one file, you can make different flowers, just depends on the way that you glue them. The two flowers and the Butterfly were made using the same pieces


  • KNK Digital Cutting Machine (I used the KNKGroove-e)
  • Red cap blade
  • MTC
  • Newspaper
  • Colored copy paper
  • Paper towel
  • Card Stock
  • Glue gun
  • Empty almond can
  • Spray paint
  • Scissor
  • Crayons
  • Angel Hair (the one that we use on Christmas)


  • Blade = Red
  • F = 12
  • V = 200
  • To cut the card stock, I used the same settings but two passes instead of one. And the card stock cut perfectly.


  1. First, I rolled some pages of a newspaper to make the branches of the tree. 
  2. After having all the needed pages from the newspaper rolled. I made the arrangement gluing the pieces with hot glue in the almond can to form the Tree. In the beginning, I thought that it looked more like a TV antenna LMAO.
  3. Then, I proceeded to paint it, using spray paint
  4. While the tree was drying, I opened MTC and started to cut the flowers, leaves and the bird.
  5. Then I formed the flowers and painted the border of them with crayons (I was at work and did not have chalk. But I recommend a color that you can blend)
  6. Then, I glued all the flowers to the paper tree.
  7. Finally, I put a dot of hot glue on the flowers to make a water drop on them.
  8. The bird was cut with a decorative cardstock and the nest was made using angel hair, the same one that we use on Christmas, and painted with spray paint. And the eggs were done using paper towels.



Esto es una decoración ya sea para el Hogar, para el día de las madres, como Centros de mesas para fiestas, etc. que podemos utilizar para decorar cualquier mesa en el hogar o fiesta. Este hermoso proyecto se realizó utilizando material reciclado, papel fotocopias de colores, pintura en aerosol y algunos materiales para decorar. Durante el proceso para determinar el tamaño correcto, el primer corte que hice fue muy pequeño. Así que formé una mariposas con esas piezas pequeñas. El árbol tiene dos flores diferentes que formé utilizando exactemente el mismo archivo. Lo hice para que puedan observar que con un sólo archivo, pueden hacer diferentes flores. Sólo depende la forma que le des al papel. Los dos tipos de flores y la mariposa se hicieron usando las mismas piezas.


  • Cortadora Digital KNK  (Yo utilicé la KNKGroove-e)
  • Cuchilla tapa Roja
  • MTC
  • Papel Periódico
  • Papel fotocopia de Colores
  • Papel toalla
  • Cartulina
  • Pistola de pega
  • Lata de almendra Vacia
  • Pintura aerosol
  • Tijeras
  • Crayolas
  • Pelo de Angel (el mismo que utilizamos en navidad)


  • Cuchilla = Roja
  • F = 12
  • V = 200
  • Para cortar la cartulina, utilicé la misma configuración pero utilicé dos pasadas en lugar de una. La cartulina cortó perfectamente.


  1. Primero, enrollé algunas páginas de papel periódico para hacer las ramas del árbol 
  2. Después de haber enrollado todas las páginas de periódico, En la lata de almendra pegué todas las piezas hasta formar el árbol. Al principio, pensé que se parecía más a una antena de TV, jajajaja.
  3. Luego, procedí a pintar el árbol utilizando pintura en aerosol
  4. Mientras el árbol se estaba secando, abrí el programa MTC y comencé a cortar las flores, las hojas y el pájarito.
  5. Luego formé las flores y pinté el borde con crayolas (me encontraba en el trabajo y no tenía tizas. Pero yo recomiendo un color que puedas difuminar).
  6. Luego, pegué todas las flores al árbol de papel.
  7. Finalmente, formé unas bolitas con pega caliente en las flores para que parecieran gotas de agua sobre ellas.
  8. El pajarito fue cortado en cartulina decorativa y el nido fue hecho con cabello de ángel, el mismo que usamos en Navidad, y pintado con pintura en aerosol. Los huevitos se hicieron utilizando papel toalla.