Santa is Close- Santa’s Reindeer Found Its Way Into My Home

Santa's reindeer

Santa is very, very close! It appears Santa’s Reindeer arrived at my house a little early, lol. I wanted to make some decorations for under the tree. First, I was brainstorming what to use to decorate under the Christmas tree, when my husband asked me to make a Santa sleigh for our miniature chihuahua dog. So, I thought that that would be a great thing to put close to the tree as a decoration too. I also thought that if I was doing a sleigh, it would be a good idea also to make ears to match our tiny reindeer.

Our granddaughter loves to pose for pictures so she took advantage of the moment to take pictures with Santa’s lost reindeer. She enjoyed helping me do this project especially taking pictures, the thing that she loves most .

In this picture our SUPER tiny dog is wearing reindeer ears made out of foam fun and posing for the camera.

Materials for Santa’s reindeer ears and Sleigh:

  • KNK Digital Cutting Machine (I used the KNK Force to cut the cardstocks and the KNK Grove-e to cut the foam fun)
  • Red cap blade (with the KNK Force to cut the Cardstocks)
  • Blue cap blade ( with the KNK Groove-e to cut the Foam Fun)
  • MTC
  • Ribbon
  • Cardboard
  • Cardstock
  • Fun Foam
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter
  • Hot Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun

KNK Force Settings:

  • Blade = Red
  • BT = 2
  • P= 1
  • CD = 75
  • CS= 20

KNK Groove-e Settings:

  • Force = 35
  • Speed = 150

Instructions for the Reindeer Ears:

  1. I traced a horn of a reindeer, duplicated and made a stripe with the foam fun to make the reindeer ears.
  2. Then, I put glitter on them and glued them to form the antlers of the reindeer but with a short tube styled hole to put the head of the dog through.


Instructions for the Sleigh:

  1. This Sleigh is a file from MTC gallery.
  2. So, I just adjusted the size to fix the size of our tiny dog.
  3. I cut the cardstock according the pieces and glue them to the cardboard to be cut with a craft knife.
  4. After that, I glued all the pieces together to form the sleigh.
  5. Finally, I wrapped some empty little boxes to put in the sleigh.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!

Baby with Santa Dress for Cards or Christmas Gift Topper (FREE FILE)

Baby boy, Santa Outfit

Christmas is here! Before we stuff our faces, lets get to those christmas cards and other lovely holiday traditons. During this beautiful season, my favorite season. We always try to make something really pretty and unique. While this isn’t what you probably had in mind, it is a fun project that the entire family can take a part in. This beautiful Baby with a Santa Outfit, was very fun as well as comical to make. Seeing it go through different stages, was truly magical, to say the least. Not only that, it is also ideal for Scrapbooking, cards or as a Christmas Gift Topper. I designed this file using Inkscape and followed by exporting it to MTC, to be cut.

Material used:

  1. KNK Force
  2. MTC
  3. Inkscape
  4. Cardstock
  5. Pressure Sensitive GlitterFlex Ultra
  6. Dot Tape
  7. Markers

Settings KNK Force

  • Blade = R
  • BT = 2
  • P = 1
  • CD = 70
  • CS = 25


  1. I designed the file using Inkscape. Once the design is done, I exported the design to MTC to be cut.
  2. I cut the file using my KNK Force. Using Cardstock, I cut corresponded color to form the dress and the baby.
  3. Using Pressure Sensitive GlitterFlex Ultra, I cut the white parts of the dress and the hat. After that, I put on the cardstock.
  4. I made a shadow layer to place all the pieces that form my file.
  5. After glue all the pieces together, I draw his eyes with a marker.
  6. I used dot tape to placed the boy on the front of my card.
  7. Use this file on a card or on top of your Christmas presents once those are wrapped.

You will have a great and fun time making this project. Enjoy and Happy Cutting!!!!

I Love Christmas!. Christmas is the time to give and let the family know how much you care about them. So, this is a great file to make  a cute card for them. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!

Get your FREE FILE for personal use Only.

Cutting File Cartoon From a Picture using MTC

KNK, Omayra, Cartoon

This time, I wanted to do something really different. So using a picture of my granddaughter, I made a cutting file cartoon. I used this picture taken in my aunt’s house, in Puerto Rico. She has a plastic cow in her front yard and my granddaughter thought she was riding a horse, Lol.

This file was possible using the “Draw Bézier Curves and Straight Lines”. one of the ways activate/ use the tool, is through the hot key F4.  When you click F4 on your keyboard you will have the “Draw Bézier Curves and Straight Lines” tool activated.

After I finished tracing the picture, I wanted to stylize the picture of my granddaughter to be in a very popular cartoon style, lol, the “chibi” style. So after I finished tracing, I “squished” it down to the rough size of an average chibi. (3 heads tall). That is why, the picture showing the cutting file the girl looks smaller and chubbier, also cuter haha. For her hair, I made two pony tails because if you notice her hair in the picture… it is a mess, LOL.

cutting file, omayra



  • Blade = Red
  • BT = 2
  • P= 1
  • CD = 75
  • CS= 20


  1. First, I opened the picture in MTC  using the Pixel Trace icon.  When the program opened the picture, which I was going to trace. I put the Threshold to 255 and marked the checkbox in Texturize Path and Blackout Path so the picture opens in MTC exactly as it is.
  2. Then, I opened the “Draw Bézier Curves and Straight Lines”. You can click F4 on your keyboard and you will have the “Draw Bézier Curves and Straight Lines” tool activated. Then I started to make the manual tracing. Click here to see the video of how to make a manual tracing by Sandy
  3. I traced every part of the picture on its own layer.
  4. After I finished tracing, I selected just the girl and made it smaller to looks like a chibi cartoon. I LOVE the Chibis Cartoons!!!
  5. Then, I cut the file, paint the borders, glued it together and painted the face of the girl.
  6. Finally, I decorated putting an earring. As well as some bows on her pony tails.The project is complete C:

I hope you have enjoyed the post, Now it is the time that you begin your own cutting file cartoons. HAPPY CUTTING!!!!

With our KNK Cutting Machines, anything is possible.

Beautiful Bow for a Beautiful Bride

Bow, KNK, Omayra bow-post-10-3-16

The inspiration for this project came from a spontaneous situation. In which, my daughter-in-law ran all Orlando trying to get a beautiful, sparkling bow for her wedding. With sadly no luck. But, while I was making some decorations with the Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra from, a material that she loves. So after some quick thinking, I decided to make her bow a with that material but not tell her anything until the bow was completely done. Though… i have to say. The Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra is the best material ever! It is very, very pretty and easy to cut with our cutters.It gave the end result a very professional look.



  • F = 25
  • V = 100


  1. I went to the internet and searched for Free Bow Template. Based on the Bow that she was looking for and that she described to me, directly corresponded to my search.
  2. Then, I Traced the template using MTC.
  3. Once the template is traced, cut it using your cutter machine and the Pressure sensitive vinyl material.
  4. Now, I DID NOT remove the backing of the material completely. I Just removed where the bow was going to be attached, which are the corners and a little bit of the center of the bow.
  5. I Proceeded to crease and fold the center of the bow to make the form that I wanted it to be. Then tied it with a floral wire (the very thin one)
  6. After that, I covered the wire with another piece of the Pressure Sensitive material.
  7. The bow was placed on top of her veil. She was happy and it looked very, very pretty.

Beautiful Castle / Gift Card Holder And Party Favors Tray



Castle Tray


Castle Gift Card Holder









This is a beautiful castle which you could use in… well, really, any special event! This project is also really cost efficient. Considering it is made out of recycled materials. In fact. Most grocery stores or “big name” stores have boxes on boxes, just sitting there waiting to be thrown out… or grabbed by an amazingly wonderful person with some crafty ideas hahaha. In other words, all you have to do is ask! Anyways, this castle apart from being a fun project, and pretty-eye-catching, doubles as a Gift Card Holder with an attached party favor tray. Also you can complete this project around any schedule, in my case I just sat down for around two to three hours a day, for two days. Now for this project you may want to find a reference image. Even if you have an “idea” of what you want your castle to look like. Having a reference really helps. Now, bare with me. If you sort of squint your eyes, till you cant see, and tilt your head you can probably tell I used the Disney castle as my reference. It just didn’t come out exactly how I had hoped, but look on the bright side. Once i realized It wasn’t going to look exactly like the Disney castle, i was able to play around with it a lot. This not only made it original and personal, it ended up coming out better than i had hoped! It even has a spot in the front for party favors. In other words keep an open mind.  Now in this post i will also let you in on some tips and tricks, as well as how i used the KNK machines to embellish the castle!



  • F = 60
  • V = 150


  1. *Note: All tissue paper will be glued/wrapped using , “mod podge,” if not it can break or rip!*
  2. Cut all of the four lids, flaps, or fold (whichever title fits best) of the small boxes.
  3. Now on the sealed part of the small box, you will cut the slot where people will slide the gift cards through.
  4. After cutting the slot, proceed by warping the box in tissue paper.
  5. Utilizing the flaps from step one, you will form a barrier, or a path for the post card to follow. That way it doesn’t get stuck or jammed on the way down.
  6. Then on the bigger box seal it shut via the flaps.
  7. Now put that small (wrapped) box on top of the big box, where you want it to be, more specifically where it will be at the end of the project.
  8. After you will mark where that box is placed. In other words trace it.
  9. Now you can put the small box aside.
  10. Once you are done, cut a whole a little bit wider then the whole on the small box. You want to try and get it as directly under the hole as possible, I did this by measuring the distances from the hole on the small box. However, don’t let this stress you out as that’s what the barriers are there for.
  11. Then you can rap the big box in tissue paper.
  12. Now glue the boxes together.
  13. Finally you can begin the pillars, using the cardboard tubes commonly known for keeping our gift wrap neatly kept and unwrinkled. Cut it to your liking, then wrap it in tissue paper. (Including the paper towel tubes)
  14. Begin making the top of the pillars, by making a cone out of card stock.
  15. Again, wrap it in tissue paper.
  16. Glue the the cone to the “pillars,” you just made.
  17. Utilizing MTC, design the parapets of the castle. (The jagged, block pattern renown for being on castle ledges). As well as the  door, windows, hearts, flag, and text.
  18. Tip: for more windows you can use the cut out squares from the parapets.
  19. Cut the parapets and windows using the pressure sensitive vinyl. Also cut the flags out of out door vinyl, and the door out of card stock.
  20. Now that it is cut, just remove the adhesive covers, that the vinyl has, and paste it where it corresponds to in your castle. Except the flags.
  21. Paste the flags to tooth picks.
  22. Glue the flags to the top of the cones.
  23. After glue The pillars, which should now be wrapped, coned, and flagged to the other two boxes.
  24. Now onto the third box, the party favors tray. You will need either a “short” but wide box, or just cut a box, leaving a make-shift short box. Mine is about roughly 4 to 5 inches tall, but my box came like this, so no cutting was necessary.
  25. Now wrap it with tissue paper.
  26. After wrapping it, glue pillars to the inside corners farthest to the outside.
  27. Then cover the inside (gluing it in place) the inside of the box with foil wrapping paper.
  28. Then paste the text, which should have been designed in step 17.
  29.  Time fore some fireworks! Utilizing the designed hearts, from step 17, On one of the hearts glue some of the Easter basket filling/”grass.” I’ve found translucent works best.
  30. Then glue another heart on top of the “grass.” So the grass should be sandwiched in between the two hearts.
  31. Now with wire, attach the fireworks to the top of the pillar.

It isn’t  as difficult as it may seem. The machine not only cuts down the time and work, it gives it a “professional” feel. Lastly this project is one you can enjoy with your whole family!