Beautiful Paper Flowers for a Birthday Decoration

Beautiful Paper Flowers Birthday Decoration

These are some Beautiful Paper Flowers for a Birthday Decoration. I am making decorations for a birthday party that is going to have butterflies. We always associate Butterflies with flowers. So, I decided to make some flowers to add to the decorations. But I can tell you that the flowers look soooo beautiful that I have ended up doing more flowers than butterflies, LOL. All of these flowers are made completely out of paper.

Beautiful Paper Flowers Birthday Decoration Instructions:



  • F = 06
  • V = 550


  1. First, If you do not know how to draw a petal or if you still learning how to pixel trace, then search for a flower in MTC and just remove one petal from it.
  2. Once you have the petals that you want, then you have to decide the size that you want the biggest petals to be.
  3. Once you have decided the size of your biggest petals, make a small incision in the bottom, middle of the petals. like so:
  4. Now, you have to make five more petals smaller than the other ones. For example, I made the giant flower using 8.5 x 11-inch papers (regular copy paper). So, I made my biggest petals to fix the copy paper. MTC gives you the diameters of your shapes. Following those measurements, I click Copy>Paste in Place, and then subtracted 1.25 inches. I did the same to each petal until reaching six petals in total. For the medium flowers, I decided that the biggest petals were 5.30″ and then I subtracted .62″ to the remaining petals until reaching six petals.
  5. Then, for the huge flower, I cut 8 of the biggest petals, then 8 of the second biggest, and 4 of each remaining petals. For the medium flowers, I cut 8 of the biggest petals, and 4 of each remaining petals.
  6. Now, overlap the flaps, from the earlier incision, which should have been applied to the rest of the petals. Then glue them together. Also, wrinkle the paper a little bit for a more natural look
  7. Then, I cut a circle of 5.5 (W/H) inches to glue the petals forming the flowers.
  8. Now, I started to glue the petals inorder to form the flowers.
  9. For the giant flower, I made a separate tissue paper flower and glued it in the center of the flower. Just to make it different.
  10. The Stem of the flowers are newspaper sheets rolled and painted green
  11. The leaves are a file from MTC

Beautiful Paper Flowers Birthday Decoration

Beautiful and Personalized Glass Gifts for Valentine’s Day

personalized glass gifts

Beautiful and Personalized Glass Gifts for Valentine’s Day. I am already getting ready for Valentine’s Day. I decided to make some personalized glass gifts for my family as well as myself, lol. While I was doing the gifts for my mother and sister-in-laws. I said, “heeey!” why not to make a glass of wine for myself. So I did a wine glass using some vinyl and two different fonts. But believe me, that glass of wine is just for decoration because I do not drink… LOL. Using the design that I made with the first letter of my name (initial) in a dynamic font followed by my name in regular print, I also made a notepad to match the glass. But the notepad is not for decoration, lol.

The other gifts are two candle holders glued together. The design images were chosen from the MTC Gallery.

Materials to make the Personalized Glass Gifts:


  • Blade = Red
  • BT = 1.5
  • P= 1
  • CD = 20
  • UP= 25
  • PS= 24
  • CS= 35
  • LS= 40


For the glass of wine:

  1. First, I chose a fancy font to write the initial letter of my name.
  2. Then, I chose a different font to write my name.
  3. To that name, I  added shadow
  4. After that, I put the shadow on top of the initial letter and highlighted both.
  5. Then, I clicked the icon Boolean Join and chose the second button (B-A Difference). What this does is that it gave me a gap so the name is not going to be on top or touching the vinyl of the initial letter.
  6. Once everything is done and ready to cut, I then cut them using the respective color of the vinyl.
  7. Then, I applied the clear transfer tape first on top of the name and then on the initial letter matching the place and the shape that the shadow made.

For the candle holder:

  1. I visited the Gallery from MTC and chose an embellishment and the word Love.
  2. Then, I resized it and put in the place that I thought would look good.
  3. After that, I wrote the letter “U.”
  4. When everything was the way that I like it, I sent the design to my machine to cut.
  5. And then, I applied the clear transfer tape and placed it on the candle holder.

Hatchi-Troll Egg Invitation for my Granddaughter’s Birthday Party

Egg Invitation

It is time to celebrate my Granddaughter’s birthday again. She can already decide her birthday theme! This time she wanted to make it about hatchimals. So, I made an Egg invitation for her birthday. But what happened? After I made her invitations she decided to make her birthday party of Trolls… :(. And then? Well now, we are making a Hatchi-troll Birthday party, LOL The Hatchimals and the Trolls are very popular right now and our granddaughter loves both. We wanted to make her happy, so Uncle Bryan spoiled her by drawing her a Special troll to put on top of the Egg Invitation that previously had been done. So at the end of this post, you will see what was the final project.

Instructions to make this Egg Invitation:


Settings for KNK Groove-e:

  • F = 25
  • V = 250

Settings for KNK Force:

  • Blade = Red
  • BT = 2
  • P = 1
  • CD = 70
  • CS = 25


  1. I searched MTC Gallery for an Egg.
  2. From that File, I just kept the parts that I wanted to use and resized it.
  3. in my regular printer, I printed the information needed for the invitation. Then I put my family to cut it so I could continue cutting the cardstocks. (We were really late organizing her birthday… LOL) egg-inv-info
  4. To cut the file with my KNK Force, I save it as a SVG File. I cut two for each invitation and one of them was in mirror image.
  5. Once the files were cut, I started to put it together. So I started gluing just the border of the egg leaving the upper part without glue, so the invitation could go in and out. egg-inv-glue-border
  6. The same I did with the top of the egg but gluing the top of the egg to the top of the invitation that has the information for the party. Then, I glued the back that was the mirror image of the top of the egg. egg-inv-info-with-top And this had been the final project:


But because now it is going to be a Hatchi-Troll Party. This is the Final, final Project, LOL:




25th Anniversary Banner with Pressure Sensitive Vinyl

pressure sensitive vinyl

This gorgeous 25th Anniversary Banner was decorated with Pressure Sensitive Vinyl. I found out that the Pressure Sensitive Vinyl material is ideal to decorate on any smooth surface. I have already used it on glasses, paper, plastic, and even on a bride’s hair bow; with this material ( This time, I placed it on a banner which was comprised of Glossy Photo Paper. Also the banner has two 25 cut out pieces of card-stock, on top of the card-stock they have the Pressure Sensitive Vinyl as well.

Let’s do it using the Pressure Sensitive Vinyl:



  • F = 25
  • V = 100


  1. I designed the banner using GIMP
  2. Once the banner was printed, I measured the 25th.
  3. Using the same font used to make the banner, I wrote the 25th in MTC.
  4. Then, I made the font the exact size of my banner as well as making two smaller 25th’s to put on every side of the banner. .
  5. After that, I cut the 25th using the Pressure Sensitive Vinyl.
  6. I also cut the smaller 25th out of card-stock, so they stay hanging on both sides of the banner..
  7. Then, using the hot glue, I glued ribbon all around the border of the banner.
  8. I glued a piece of ribbon to the smaller 25th cut out and on top of that I add the 25th cut out with the Pressure Sensitive Vinyl to cover the ribbon.
  9. Then, I glued the top of the ribbon that is having the card-stock, allowing it to hang on each side of the banner.
  10. Finally, using a different ribbon, I made two bows to place on the two top corners of the banner.


Santa is Close- Santa’s Reindeer Found Its Way Into My Home

Santa's reindeer

Santa is very, very close! It appears Santa’s Reindeer arrived at my house a little early, lol. I wanted to make some decorations for under the tree. First, I was brainstorming what to use to decorate under the Christmas tree, when my husband asked me to make a Santa sleigh for our miniature chihuahua dog. So, I thought that that would be a great thing to put close to the tree as a decoration too. I also thought that if I was doing a sleigh, it would be a good idea also to make ears to match our tiny reindeer.

Our granddaughter loves to pose for pictures so she took advantage of the moment to take pictures with Santa’s lost reindeer. She enjoyed helping me do this project especially taking pictures, the thing that she loves most .

In this picture our SUPER tiny dog is wearing reindeer ears made out of foam fun and posing for the camera.

Materials for Santa’s reindeer ears and Sleigh:

  • KNK Digital Cutting Machine (I used the KNK Force to cut the cardstocks and the KNK Grove-e to cut the foam fun)
  • Red cap blade (with the KNK Force to cut the Cardstocks)
  • Blue cap blade ( with the KNK Groove-e to cut the Foam Fun)
  • MTC
  • Ribbon
  • Cardboard
  • Cardstock
  • Fun Foam
  • Glue stick
  • Glitter
  • Hot Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun

KNK Force Settings:

  • Blade = Red
  • BT = 2
  • P= 1
  • CD = 75
  • CS= 20

KNK Groove-e Settings:

  • Force = 35
  • Speed = 150

Instructions for the Reindeer Ears:

  1. I traced a horn of a reindeer, duplicated and made a stripe with the foam fun to make the reindeer ears.
  2. Then, I put glitter on them and glued them to form the antlers of the reindeer but with a short tube styled hole to put the head of the dog through.


Instructions for the Sleigh:

  1. This Sleigh is a file from MTC gallery.
  2. So, I just adjusted the size to fix the size of our tiny dog.
  3. I cut the cardstock according the pieces and glue them to the cardboard to be cut with a craft knife.
  4. After that, I glued all the pieces together to form the sleigh.
  5. Finally, I wrapped some empty little boxes to put in the sleigh.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!