Tractor Birthday!!

I like to do theme birthday parties for my kids and try to make everything with my KNK Zing.  This year we decided to do a joint party for our kids since their birthdays are one day apart.  The theme we did this year was tractors!!  I made the invitations, banner, goodie bags and everything in them except for the pencils, the kids shirts, the center pieces, and the pin the smoke stack on the tractor game.  The items in the goodie bags were temporary tattoo, tractor crayons, pencil, bottle coozie and water bottle and all were made with the Zing except the pencils and crayons but I did make the crayons.

Temporary Tattoo:  I saw online about printable temporary tattoos online and thought they would be really cool to do.  There’s a few different kinds of paper out for these and I got what was available locally since I waited til the last minute to do them.  The paper I used was from Silhouette.



  1. I found the image I wanted and pixel traced in MTC, then I mirrored the image because it has lettering on it and I also added a shadow layer to give a little bit of room around it.
  2. Print out the tattoos and make sure it is 100% dry before putting on the clear layer
  3. Place the clear layer on top of the dried tattoo paper
  4. Cut out the tattoos using 2 passes to ensure that you have gotten through the plastic and paper.
  5. Apply like normal temporary tattoo.

Below are the other items I made for the party.

Invitation:  I made it out of cardstock and used Print and Cut (PnC) for the words on the back

Shirts:  I made each of my kids special shirts for their day.  My daughters was made with glitter HTV and my son’s onesie was made with flocked and denim HTV


Pin the smoke stack:  This I made extra large and used the tiler function in MTC to make it large

Center Piece and Banner:  I made these just out of cardstock.  This year I remembered to cut the holes out for the banner with the Zing rather than hole punching them later.

Coozies:  I just used regular HTV on these coozies and personalized them for each child

Goodie bag and water bottle label:

And I have to add a picture of the cakes my friend made and the balloon tractor my husband made:

Custom Switch Cover

When we bought our house 2 years ago we went looking at the Habitat for Humanity Restore store for odds and ends around the house.   We came across these screwless light switch covers.  While looking at them I thought about decorating them with vinyl, like I do with most things.                                                             



  • Force:  15
  • Passes:  1
  • Speed:  10/10
  • Offset:  .25


  1. Make template of the light switch in the design software of your choice.  I used MTC.
  2. Design what you want on the light switch.  I went with a willow tree and welcome since it is by my front door.
  3. Cut out the vinyl in the color of your choice
  4. Prepare the light switch cover by cleaning off with rubbing alcohol                 
  5. Carefully line up the vinyl and the cover and voila you have a custom light switch cover.                                                                    

I have also put vinyl on outlet covers for my daughter’s room.  They have held up so well I plan to do it for my son’s room.                                             

Embossed Picture

My son’s room is done all in tractors and there isn’t much baby room decor available for that theme.  I wanted to make something unique for his wall and I haven’t embossed metal lately.  To hide the edges of the metal I made a custom “mat” with antique tractor logos.




  • Force:  140
  • Offset:  none
  • Passes:  2
  • Speed:  9/10


  • Force:  115
  • Offset:  .25
  • Passes:  1
  • Speed:  10/10


  1. I created the file for the “mat” by googling the images and pixel tracing them.
  2. I cut out the “mat.”
  3. For the embossing I found an outline of my object, which happens to be a tractor (surprise).
  4. On my cutting mat I taped down some Con-tact shelf liner, that helps give the mat some cushion and enhances the embossing.                 
  5. Since the shelf liner isn’t sticky you need to tape down the metal securely.                
  6. Ensure your pinch wheels are not positioned over the portion of the metal you are embossing.  It will leave tracks.                                          
  7. Set offset to 0 and emboss.
  8. Carefully remove the metal from the mat and trim to size using tin snips or stout scissors.  For easy cutting I placed a box around my picture to help align the finished product.                                                   
  9. Mount the embossing and frame.                            

Etching Memories

Last July it was 10 years that my mom our family’s guardian angel.  I wanted to do something special for my siblings in her memory.  I have always kept my birthday cards from my mom and dad and I am glad I did because I could get her signature from the card.



  • Force: 140
  • Speed: 9/10
  • Offset:  None
  • Passes:  2
  • Engraving Tool Height:  25 post-its


  1. Scan in the writing that you want and import it into your cutting software, I use MTC. 
  2. Use an engraving fill to fill in your text.  I used a previous post by Michele to create mine.
  3. In MTC place your object where you want it on the virtual mat the tape down your piece of metal to your actual mat in the same place you have in on the computer.  I always use WYSIWYG when engraving.                                  
  4. Send the file to your cutting machine.                                       
  5. Frame the engraving with a picture of your loved one.                        

Deployment Pillowcase

My friend’s husband was deploying for 6 months on a submarine and she asked me to make her a pillow case for him.  She wanted a saying on it and pictures of her boys since there is little to no contact with families when a submarine goes underway.  I was happy to help and now I think I will be making one for my husband before his next underway.



  • Force:  15
  • Speed:  10/10
  • Passes:  1
  • Offset:  .25


  1. Print the pictures you want on the iron-on transfer.  She did this at her house and then cut them with scissors.
  2. Type out text in MTC or cutting software you use, remember to mirror your words!!
  3. Cut out and weed the saying
  4. Press your items on the pillow case (A heat press helps)
  5. Send with your loved one!!

I only got a finished project picture because we were trying to wrangle 5 kids and make the pillow case in a short amount of time.