About deb_m

By day, a teacher. By night, a geeky crafter. I have one hubby, 2 kids, and 4 dogs. I like to take pictures and like it even more when they don't suck. I use a KNK Maxx 24" machine, a Zing, and a Cameo.

Christmas tags

Do your Christmas presents look like this???

Yeah. That’s how they are at my house if I don’t make tags. So I was browsing the web and I found these:

DIY Christmas Gift Tags With Scrapbook Paper Scraps And Free Cut File

The problem was, the file was silhouette and I have KNK. One thing that bugs me about Silhouette is they have a propriety file name, but they do not allow you to export into SVG. I’m not sure why that is, but it is what it is.

So… I improvised. The Silhouette software is free so I opened the file, ungrouped each tag and brought the “cut out” to the front and then filled the rest with black. Then I was easily able to take a screen shot and trace it in MTC. I just traced in black and it ignored the red text.



You can do a print and cut for the back, but I just stamped them real quick. This is a great way to use up paper scraps, or even wrapping paper scraps if you want your tags to match your wrapping paper. I thought it would also be cute to do them on craft paper.  They were so easy to put together, I will probably make another set.

On the web site, the poster used tape, but I just used a glue stick and put the tag under a heavy book to dry and it worked just fine.

Machine used:

Zing, red blade, 10/10


white card stock, scrap Christmas paper, glue stick, stamps

Give Thanks

Well hello there KNK-ers!

I seem to be on a banner kick, so I bring you yet another one.

These pictures are horrible. I totally procrastinated and it’s dark and believe it or not, I took these in my dim living room with no flash. I’m actually impressed with this little Canon camera I bought a couple months ago, and considering my lighting conditions are horrible, these pictures could be a lot worse.


12×12 chipboard

recollections paper

DCWV thanksgiving/halloween stack

font: merit

leaves: www.lovesvg.com 

I used the leaves from the harvest designs and I ran them through the fiskers to give the leaves some texture and then inked them with some brown and green inks.

I wish I had prettier ribbon, but I didn’t have anything on hand, so I used jute.


Zing, red blade 10/10

Until next time!



Happy Halloween Banner

Hello KNKers! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I liked the banner I made last month so much I knew I wanted to make one for Halloween.

So I did.

I used a cool free font called Frankendork Tall. I put an outline on it to thicken it up a bit and set it off against the paper. The paper is just a DCWV Halloween /Fall stack. I used the chipboard from the KNK store. It’s nice because one 12×12 sheet cuts nicely into 9 4×4 squares. I added some embellishments and ribbon and had a cool little decoration for my classroom.

I used Zing to cut out the letters (red blade, 10/10)

MTC to cut out the letters: It’s so cool that you don’t have to actually install a font in MTC to use it. I really like that feature.


Name banner

I’m so embarrassed. For one, I was supposed to post last Friday. I made this project three weeks ago and was so excited that I had my project done already… and then forgot to post it. My excuses get worse: I took pictures of it and can’t find them anywhere!! The only picture I have is horrible and it isn’t even finished here. I since added to the blank square. So on Monday, when I go to school, I will take pictures of it and get a nicer shot of it.

This even has my dog’s foot in it because she decided to back into the picture, but I was able to crop that part out.

Anyway, I wanted a banner to hang in front of my desk, so I used the chipboard from the KNK store and cut it into 4″ squares. And since it is 12×12, you get 9 squares from a sheet, (did I do that math right, because I’ve since learned I’m not smarter than a 5th grader in math), and look at that, my name and a blank square is perfect for this so I only used 1 sheet. I like this chipboard as it is very sturdy, but also very easy to trim. I haven’t tried cutting it on my Zing, but I’m sure it would do just fine. I glued 4×4 sheets of a pretty damask paper I found from my DCWV stash and cut the letters out of DCWV red glitter paper. It is glittery, I promise. I made the letters a little big, I should’ve made them about 3″ and I made them about 3.5.” I had to “smoosh” the M’s or they didn’t fit. I also didn’t center them on the squares because I was debating having the ribbon go across the top, but I ended up going behind the squares. I inked the edges with black ink (as well as my fingers… and some of the table), and used foam tape to stick the letters on. Then I cut holes in the top and threaded the ribbon through. The other version I saw of this had ribbon bows tying each square together and I think I should’ve done that instead, but it’s fine the way it looks.

Since the panda is our mascot, I used print and cut to cut him out and I used foam tape to stick him in the middle. As I said before, I’ll get a better picture of the finished project and you’ll even see my messy desk! Bonus! I have it taped it front of my desk and since I was new to the school, it was a nice way to announce myself and a pretty way to dress up my desk.

Teaching 5th grade is really fun! It’s really hard work, but I’m really enjoying it and I absolutely love my new school. I promise I’ll be on time next month!

Machine used: Zing, red blade, 10/10, 105 (don’t use my settings, I am very lazy about changing blades)

Materials: KNK chipboard, DCWV paper, foam tape, black ink pad.

Mickey Wasted

I’m not sure I get that term, but my friend always uses it when she goes to Disneyland once a week. She loves her some Disneyland. So when it came time for her birthday, the gift was easy peasy. Make a set of Disney cards. I found the svg mickey ears on the internet and cut out a whole sheet of them, enough to make 24 cards (try to punch 24 Mickey ears that fast with a punch… plus you are stuck with one size).

I used black and white papers and cut out the thanks with a die.

The only thing I did different on her set was cut the thanks out in white, which I think I like better. Of course I forgot to take a picture of it. Also on hers I used white paper with black dots, which I think I like better too.

I used the Zing to cut out the ears (10/10; 95)