Deco FILM® Paint FX

Cool weather is finally arriving in Florida and I wanted to embellish a long sleeve t-shirt for Thanksgiving Day. Finding fall colors this time of year is nearly impossible, everything is already Christmas in the stores! I did snag a lovely purple top and wanted something shimmery but not too sparkly for my design. Deco FILM® Paint FX was perfect! This heat transfer vinyl comes in six beautiful metallic colors. The effect is a soft shimmer. And it is thinner than regular HTV molding to the fabric, so the designs look screen painted rather than laying on the surface. Wish it came in all the colors!


Deco FILM® Paint FX  I used the Champagne color.


Maxx Air Settings

KNK Zing/Zing Air/Maxx Air Standard Material Detail Blade

Force = 42, Speed = 200, Blade Offset = .25, Blade Height = 25

Process Details

This vinyl cuts just like every other heat transfer vinyl, minimal blade exposure, mirror the design, weed the negative and carrier side adhered to the mat. The weeding was super easy, comes up cleanly and with little effort.

Heat press with a firm pressure at 310°F – 330°F for 17 to 20 seconds. Then remove carrier sheet while warm, and with a Teflon® or parchment paper covering the design, repress for 2 seconds.

Deco FILM® Paint FX is a great alternative to the glitter metallic heat transfer vinyl products, for when you want a subtler shimmer and shine. Love it!

Give Thanks

Well hello there KNK-ers!

I seem to be on a banner kick, so I bring you yet another one.

These pictures are horrible. I totally procrastinated and it’s dark and believe it or not, I took these in my dim living room with no flash. I’m actually impressed with this little Canon camera I bought a couple months ago, and considering my lighting conditions are horrible, these pictures could be a lot worse.


12×12 chipboard

recollections paper

DCWV thanksgiving/halloween stack

font: merit


I used the leaves from the harvest designs and I ran them through the fiskers to give the leaves some texture and then inked them with some brown and green inks.

I wish I had prettier ribbon, but I didn’t have anything on hand, so I used jute.


Zing, red blade 10/10

Until next time!



Christmas Tree-t Box

At the shop we are getting ready for people to make their Christmas projects.  In fact we have sold out of several bolts of Christmas themed fabrics already.  To help people make some projects and to give them the tools to work with we are having an event next week where they will be making several items.  As a thank you for participating in the event, the coordinator asked me to make something in which she could put some small gifts for each person.  I remembered a Christmas tree shaped box that would be perfect for this purpose.

Materials Used:

Cardstock – Green and Dark Brown

Double Sided Scrapbooking Tape 1/8″ wide

Clear plastic sheets

Scrapbook glue


Machine used:  KNK Force, Red cap standard material blade, 2 passes, Starting Depth – 35, Ending Depth – 45, Cutting Speed – 40, Blade offset – Red Blade, Blade Tension – 1.75

Additional Information:

When I made the sample box, I was not happy with how the trunk of the tree turned out.  The tree and trunk were joined together and the trunk just was too cumbersome and wouldn’t cooperate and stay together.  Since the opening flap of the box is the bottom of the tree it was going to cause problems when people were opening and closing the box.  I decided to make the trunk a separate piece and to glue it to the bottom flap.  That also gave me an opportunity to make the trunk a different color which I think looks better than having the whole box one color.

Here is a picture of the unassembled parts:

No, those are not chocolates on the right side of the picture.  They are the little boxes which are the trunks of the trees.  There is an unassembled one at the top right.  When the box is assembled, the flaps are at the top (open edge) of the box and are inserted into a slot in the fold on each side of the bottom flap.  The flaps are then attached to the adjacent box parts with double sided tape.  The small round holes near the peak of the box are for attaching a ribbon for decoration.  The triangular pieces at the bottom right are the plastic which is the ‘window’ in the box.

Each side of the box measures about 5 1/2″ so it is big enough for a few sewing related goodies.  It could also hold an assortment of other types of treasures.  Maybe even chocolates.


Personalized Gift for Any Occasion – Specially for Someone Special (SPANISH)

Personalized Gift for Any Occasion Christmas is right around the corner! Meaning it is time to start preparing our gifts. With this Personalized Gift for Any Occasion, we can make one for all of our loved ones. Just change the message and or the theme. There are truly limitless possibilities. The glass makes the gift appear more refined and professional while maintaining a fragile cuteness!

Personalized Gift for Any Occasion


Settings to the Vynil:

  • Blade = Red
  • F = 6
  • V = 250
  • P= 1

Settings to cut the cardstock:

  • Blade = Red
  • F =15
  • V = 150
  • P= 1


  1. I searched MTC for a Butterfly and made it the size that would fit inside the glass.
  2. Then, I made a shadow layer from that butterfly to cut it out with cardstock.
  3. I wrote the phrase that I wanted to use “Mujer Virtuosa” which means (virtuous woman) to put in front of the glass.
  4. Now, From vinyl, I cut the Phrase “Mujer Virtuosa” and the butterfly.
  5. Then, I cut the shadow of the butterfly out of cardstock.
  6. Next, I glued the dry branch to the mirror candle base. Then, I glued the butterfly and a flower to the branch  (this flower can be done with paper too).
  7. After everything is glued, I then put the glass to cover the branch. I glued the glass to the small mirror with epoxy to stay in place.
  8. Finally, I place the Phrase “Mujer Virtuosa” on the front of the glass.


Las Navidades ya están aquí y es tiempo de preparar nuestros regalos. Con estos regalos personalizado para cualquier ocasión, nosotros podemos hacer uno para cada persona especial. Sólo cambie el mensaje o el tema y tendrás uno diferente para cada persona especial en tu lista. Este cristal hace que tu regalo lusca má delicado y adorable.

Personalized Gift for Any Occasion


Ajustes para cortar el Vynil:

  • Cuchilla = Roja
  • F = 6
  • V = 250
  • P= 1

Ajustes para cortar la Cartulina:

  • Cuchilla = Roja
  • F =15
  • V = 150
  • P= 1


  1. Yo busqué una mariposa en MTC y la hice a un tamaño para que cupiera en el embase de cristal.
  2. Luego, hice una sombra de la mariposa para cortarla en cartulina.
  3. Luego escribí la frase “Mujer Virtuosa”  para ubicarla al frente del embase de cristal.
  4. Ahora, corté la mariposa y la frase “Mujer Virtuosa” utilizando el vinil.
  5. Luego, corté la sombra de la mariposa utilizando la cartulina.
  6. Después, pegué la rama seca al espejo y a la rama le pegué la mariposa y una flor (esta flor puede hacerse de papel).
  7. Luego de haber pegado todo, ubiqué el embase de cristal para cubrir la rama seca.
  8. Luego, pegué el embase de crital al espejo utiliando Epoxy para mantenerlo en su lugar.
  9. Por último, pegué la frase “Mujer Virtuosa” al frente del embase de cristal

Happy Halloween Banner

Hello KNKers! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I liked the banner I made last month so much I knew I wanted to make one for Halloween.

So I did.

I used a cool free font called Frankendork Tall. I put an outline on it to thicken it up a bit and set it off against the paper. The paper is just a DCWV Halloween /Fall stack. I used the chipboard from the KNK store. It’s nice because one 12×12 sheet cuts nicely into 9 4×4 squares. I added some embellishments and ribbon and had a cool little decoration for my classroom.

I used Zing to cut out the letters (red blade, 10/10)

MTC to cut out the letters: It’s so cool that you don’t have to actually install a font in MTC to use it. I really like that feature.