Staying hydrated one way or another…


My granddaughter is 5 and played soccer this year. Her mom wanted me to make vinyl decals with the name of each player along with little soccer balls for some water bottles she had purchased at Michael’s. I used outdoor vinyl  so that it could be hand washed without coming off. My daughter then posted them to her Facebook page and a friend asked if I would do some for her. She wanted them for all the little ones who went to the family cottage. And so I made some for her. The she sent me an image of insulated wine glasses that she found on Amazon and asked if I would make decals for the wine glasses. I had her order me a few extra so that I could give them to the winos in my family. :O) The font for the water bottles was 2Peas bleached blonde and the font for the wine glasses is Passion Conflict.

Jodie water bottle 2 jodie water bottles IMG_3312 IMG_3313 IMG_3314 Materials

Outdoor vinyl

KNK Maxx

red capped blade

water bottles and wine glasses


Speed 400

Force 45

red capped blade

I hope that everyone is enjoying there summer, it sure seems to be flying by.

Challenge in Review – Paper Category

Geometric or origami? Whatever name you might give it, there are a lot of talented and creative minds out there putting their KNKs to good use with paper! We have another spectacular paper project entry from the KNK and Team KNK Summer Solstice Challenge.


Janene entered these wonderful 3D projects. Here is her description:

These are some things I made for a baby shower for a friend. They are all cut from Recollections cardstock from Michaels. For the teddy bear and rubber duckie boxes I made a template from the snowflake box and now I can make any design I want for the top and sides.

The cat is from the Canon Creative Park site.  There are a lot of free fun projects there and they all include detailed assembly instructions. I import them into Inkscape where I clean them up, bring them into Make the Cut to print, and then use my zing to score the fold lines and cut them.

Beautiful work, Janine! I’m certain your friend just loved these!!!

Art Collaboration Night Owl Style: Linocuts and vinyl cards


Hey KNK-ers. How’s it going?

Awhile back, I met someone on Facebook who enjoyed the same novel I did (Night Owl by M. Pierce) and she posted a picture of an owl sitting on a book. It was so neat I asked if I could scan it with MTC and cut the image out with black vinyl.

I also asked Erin to describe her art process with me because I loved what she was making and I’d never heard of it before.

So, in Erin’s words (mine in parenthesis and bold because you know I have a big mouth and have to comment on stuff)


My process:
My art process is very similar to the writing process of pre-write, draft, revision, edit, and publish (I’ve never asked, but Erin must be a teacher. I have the writing process posters on my wall so I get it).
1. An idea. As you know, this image was inspired by Night Owl. This particular idea came to me while I was sitting in morning traffic while on my way to work. I did a quick sketch and jotted down notes in my sketchbook. I also researched owls, trees, bird silhouettes, and open book photographs for reference.
First sketch:
2. I used the first sketch and the researched references to do a sketch that is more in the style for a linocut.
3. Revision-  At this point, I have a pretty good idea of where the image is going. I made some changes to the owl details, but was happy with the background.
4. I made an initial linocut so I could see if  I needed to make changes. I did not like how it came out, so I edited and revised.
image-6 <–didn’t work
So, I went back and changed the details that didn’t work for the print.
 <–worked and made to be the final print.
5. Publishing/Printing
Final Print:
Nocturnal. Linocut Print. 2014. Erin R. Remaley. Pittsburgh, PA
Linocut is a form of relief printing. A design is carved into a piece of linoleum using gouges. This is inked with a brayer, and a print made by placing a sheet of paper on top so the ink is transferred to the paper. Pressure is applied to get an even transfer of the ink by either running the linocut block and paper through a printing press or using a burnisher or brayer.
A linocut also refers to a print made with this method. (
My Etsy shop is AfterMidnightInk and the link is:
Isn’t that neat? Anyway, she posted a picture of the linocut and I asked her if I could try to scan it with Make the Cut and cut it out in vinyl. Since she said yes, I did. I first brought the image into Photoshop and took out the yellow tint in the picture because I needed good contrast to get a good scan. A lot of the details didn’t scan so well (the book pages and lines around the eyes) so I used the editing tool in Make the Cut to fix the areas so that they would cut nice.
I actually did my final cut in a 4 x 5.25″ size because I thought the owl would look great on greeting cards.
Here is the first one I did. I noticed that the eyes weren’t correct and the lines around the eyes were too small to cut out. So I went back in and edited those along with the left side of the book. I cut the image again with KNK Maxx, weeded it, and added a little red bow after applying the vinyl to kraft paper and gluing it to a white card.
I am cutting out a 5×7″ version for her because I thought it would look really neat applied to a piece of glass.
However, I discovered the picture frame I used was a cheap IKEA frame and it was plexiglass, not glass. I took a picture of it on a letter and one of the bookmarks I received from the awesome M. Pierce.
oops. My watermark covered the website address:
Well, I learned something cool and neat and if you haven’t heard of it before, hopefully you did as well.
Until next month,
Stay Classy KNK-ers
KNK Maxx 24″ from KNK USA
black vinyl from KNK USA
kraft card stock (Michaels)
red ribbon (in my crap shack)

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We have some very dear friends that we have spent a week with in the spring the past few years.  The guys spend most of the week attending Spring Training baseball games.  Us ladies spend our time crafting, shopping and visiting.  Of course that includes using and learning more about our KNK electronic cutters.  When it was time to send birthday greetings to the husband of the couple recently, it seemed only fitting to send a baseball themed card.

Card Front

Card Front


Card Inside

Card Inside

Materials Used:

Cardstock – red and white

Scrapbook Paper – baseball print

Glossy Photo Paper

Double sided adhesive tape

Foam Pop-Dots


KNK 15″ Maxx Air

Cardstock:  Standard Materials Blade – Red Cap  Force - 50, Speed - 150, Blade Offset - .35, 1 pass

Glossy Photo paper:  Standard Materials Blade – Red Cap Force – 60, Speed – 80, Blade Offset – .35, 1 pass

Instructions, etc.:

Basically this is a larger version of the Little Card that I posted in April of this year.

I enlarged the card and heart that I used for the Little Card.  I also modified the heart so the top edge was circular.  The baseball on the front of the card, the stadium and the baseballs on the inside of the card were print-and-cut items.  The score lines on the stadium piece were added manually since they are scored from the back side of the panel rather than the front.  The baseball was secured to the front of the card with foam Pop-Dots so it would be raised above the surface of the card front.  Double sided adhesive tape was used to layer the white cardstock and baseball print papers on the front of the card and to secure the baseballs and the stadium on the inside of the card.

The photo in the Little Card post shows the placement of the stadium inside of the card.  The center fold of the stadium is placed on the center fold of the card.  The point of the stadium is near the bottom of the card and the folds towards the top of the stadium are almost at the top of the card.  Thus when the card is folded, the stadium is completely concealed inside so it is a bit of a surprise when it pops up as the card is opened.  Adhesive should be placed only on the lower portions of the stadium that are below the side-to-side fold lines.

The baseball on the front of the card is printed on glossy photo paper and the stadium picture and the baseballs inside of the card were printed on regular white cardstock.  The white cardstock and baseball print scrapbook paper were cut manually.

Use the link below to download the cutting files for this card.

Baseball Card Cut Files_JudyKay



Challenge in Review – Paper Entry

Are you prepared? here is another (paper category) challenge entry that will BLOW your MIND


Elonah created this paper sculpture (which you can see is on display). From the pictures, it looks like it was built on-site! Oh, how I wish I could have seen it in person!!!!


Elonah, who used her 24″ Maxx for the project, provided this description:

The project consists of two origami-like figures that are slightly larger than life size. The faceting makes the paper strong which allows it to support itself without any internal structure. I developed the cut files myself and then separated the designs to fit to the machine’s maximum cutting width.

It took nearly 48 hours over 5 days to cut and assemble the project.  The entire project was cut using a combination of the KNK Standard Material Blade and Embossing Tool on 285gsm Fabriano Etching Paper.


Did you say “Wow”? Did your jaw drop? Did your eyes pop? Yeah, me too!