From Miss to Mrs.

Two of the teachers I work with are getting married next month so I was assigned the job of making a card. I struggled with coming up with an idea for this and finally I went to my favorite go-to site…

(By the way, I don’t get anything free or compensation for using their stuff).

I made a shape card. I used that heavy weight kraft paper from Joann for the base. I really like that stuff. It makes for a nice, sturdy card.

I thought about doing the leaves and lettering in paper, but vinyl is so much easier. Even though I’m limited on my color choices (I need to order some more vinyl from Team KNK so I have more variety!), It made it so much easier to apply and best of all, no glue mess!

Machines: Zing for cardstock (10/10/red blade) and Maxx for vinyl (f 75 v 250)

Materials: kraft card stock, vinyl, transfer tape


A great plaque, a sad story

I hesitated sharing this story because it is not pretty. But if it makes one person extra cautious when going through a divorce it is worth sharing.

My niece started selling real estate with the same company as my son-in-law so he became her mentor. My niece lives in the same town that she  grew up in and she has 3 kids and was a teacher for a period of time so she knows a lot of people. One of these friends was her first “sale”. The couple had 3 kids, the eldest was about the same age as my nieces eldest who is 11. My son in law said they were the nicest family. So they bought the house and moved in. My niece had me make this sign for the family.

A few months later the husband was arrested for domestic abuse. The wife filed for divorce, the husband got out on bond. Long story short, he went for supervised visitation with his kids and as his wife dropped off the kids he killed her in front of his parents and then committed suicide. Domestic abuse happens every day, in every walk of life. Leaving is the most dangerous time.







red capped blade

force 36

speed 500

The sign is 12×18. It was stained with a gray wood stain and allowed to dry for several days. The laurel wreath design is from My Vinyl Designer. It was cut using my 15″ KNK MAXX and applied to the board using clear transfer tape.


Personalized Rhinestone Gift Idea Using KNK Cutter Machine

Personalized Rhinestone Gift Idea Using KNK Cutter Machine, Omayra Duarte Personalized Rhinestone Gift Idea Using KNK Cutter Machine, Omayra Duarte

There is always a good reason to make any gift. Especially a Personalized Rhinestone Gift Idea Using KNK Cutter Machines. There was not a special occasion. I made This gift for my AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL Mother because she deserved it! This is a gift that you can make for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s day, teacher appreciation, etc.

I wanted to do something a little bit different with this project. So, I used Rhinestones and instead of applying them on a Shirt, I applied them to a glass vase. The results were Adorable!


Settings KNK Force:

  • Blade = Blue
  • BT = 1.5
  • P= 2
  • SD = 75
  • ED = 100
  • CS= 15


  1. Because I already had a vase with a heart shape, The First thing to do was to measure the vase, in order to draw a heart in SCAL 5 utilizing the measures that I took.
  2. Once I had the heart already drawn in SCAL, I then selected the letter that I would be using.
  3. I decided to use the Rhinestones SS 10 for the heart shape. Using Effect>Rhinestone, I chose the SS 13 so the holes would be a little bit bigger than my Rhinestones.
  4. For the letter, I decided to use a smaller Rhinestones (SS 6), So using Effect>Rhinestone and I chose SS 10.
  5. When everything was done in the software, I sent it to KNK Force to be cut on the Motif Rubber.
  6. Then, I poured the respective Rhinestones on each design and applied the Transfer tape on top of them, to then be able to transfer them to the glass.
  7. Using alcohol, I cleaned the glass where the Rhinestones would be applied.
  8. With the Iron on high, I applied the Rhinestones on the glass.


Personalized Rhinestone Gift Idea Using KNK Cutter Machine, Omayra Duarte

Siempre hay una buena razón para hacer un regalo, especialmente un regalo Personalizado con Rhinestones utilizando las Máquinas KNK. No había una celebración especial pero hice este regalo para mi INCREIBLE Y HERMOSA Madre, sólo porque ella se lo merece! Este es un regalo que puedes hacer para Navidad, cumpleaños, dia de San Valentín, para los maestros, etc.

Para este proyecto quise hacer algo un poco diferente, por lo que utilicé imitaciones de diamantes y en lugar de aplicarlas en una camisa, las apliqué a un jarrón de vidrio. ¡El resultado fue Adorable!


Settings KNK Force:

  • Cuchilla = Azul
  • BT = 1.5
  • P= 2
  • SD = 75
  • ED = 100
  • CS= 15


  1. Como ya tenía un florero en forma de corazón, lo primero que hice fue medir el florero para diseñar un corazón en SCAL 5 con las medidas tomadas.
  2. Una vez el corazón fue diseñado en SCAL, entonces seleccioné la letra que estaría utilizando.
  3. Para la figura de corazón decidí utilizar unos diamantes de imitacion SS10. Utilizando Efectos>Estrás escogí SS13 para que los agujeros me quedaran un poco más grande que los diamantes de imitacion que iba a utilizar.
  4. Para la letra, yo decidí utilizar un diamante de imitación mas pequeña (SS 6). Asi que utilizando Efectos>Estrás, seleccioné SS 10.
  5. Cuando todo estaba listo en el programa, envié esto a mi cortadora KNK Force para ser cortado en Motif Rubber.
  6. Luego, derramé los respectivos diamantes de imitaciones sobre cada diseño y puse la cinta de transferencia encima de estos para ser transferidos al vidrio.
  7. Utilizando alcohol, limpié el vidrio donde ubicaría los diamantes de imitación.
  8. Con la plancha en alta temperatura, transferí los diamantes de imitaciós al vidrio.

Yes, ANOTHER panda card

Are you getting sick of them? I just keep finding cute pandas and make things with them. I found this one on my favorite go-to site,

So first, I cut it out with paper. Look at this mess. And then when I tried to glue it, I made an even bigger mess.

Here’s the card:

Nope, you don’t  have smudges on your monitor. It’s my glue mess on the card. I glued the eyes on backwards, I didn’t get the feet on right and it was a big mess.

You can see how it didn’t even glue down all the way, which I’m sure is user error…

So then, I happened to be on this site and I saw Nancy had done the cute Lucy card in vinyl. And the duh thought bubble appeared above my head and so I thought, this would be so much easier:

Oh look, all the pieces are in the right place and you don’t have to worry about them being upside down (ignore that I forgot to weed the feet when I took this picture).

And even though the vinyl is shiny and I’m getting a reflection in the picture, it is so much cleaner and nicer.

And it was super easy to transfer it on to the card stock in one big piece with transfer tape. A little tip: Don’t put the transfer tape all the way to the edge of the vinyl (like around the ears and feet) if you aren’t using clear transfer tape. It makes it much easier to line up. (I might have learned this the hard way).

Anyway. I’m sorry it was yet another panda… but this guy is pretty cute!


Zing (paper) and KNK Maxx (vinyl)

Stuff you need:

Cardstock, glue sticks, vinyl, patience and sanity.

Until next time.

P.S. I noticed this was my 87th post!! Thanks for sticking with me. I really enjoy doing this. I am waiting for KNK to release a new great machine so I can upgrade, because it’s time. I’ve more than got my money’s worth from the two I have.





I have an adorable little great niece whose name is Lucy and she just celebrated her third Birthday. When it came time to make her Birthday card I pretty much knew what I wanted.





15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 35

Speed 450

Isn’t she cute! I forgot to take a picture of the card I made for Lucy so this is a remake, but Lucy’s card had the number 3 in the balloon. After making this card I tweaked the file so that the dress sleeves were more solid and the top of the dress had no little pieces. Here is the updated file lucy