Reflectra PlotFOIL © Heat Transfer Vinyl

Reflectra®  is available as both a plotter-cut (Plotfoil) and an embroidery applique (Stitchfoil) heat transfer material, comes in 23 different patterns and 17 solid colors, including neon and a frosty clear (Sensation Translucent).  No matter how dark the color is in natural light, the entire design lights up bright white when hit with the flash of a camera, flashlight, or headlights.

I decided to test this product by making a scarf for my daughter Brooke’s dog, Cooper.

CWest_RPF_Normal View


KNK Zing/Zing Air/Maxx Air Standard Material Detail Blade

Reflectra Plotfoil Heat Transfer Vinyl 

Maxx Air Settings

  • Blade = Red Blade, Blade height = 25
  • Force =45
  • Velocity = 205
  • # Passes = Disabled
  • Blade Offset = .35
  • The material cuts like all heat transfer vinyl, only a minimal exposure of the blade is needed. The design should be reversed and the clear heat proof carrier sheet face down on the mat.

CWest_RPF_Heat Press

  • I then set up my design on the doggie scarf and pressed with my heat press for the recommended time and pressure. Temperature at 335°F, firm even pressure for 15 seconds. Peel the clear backing when cool. Cover with a Telfon© sheet or kraft paper and repress for 5 seconds.

CWest_RPF_Cooper Scarf

  • We took Cooper outside at night to see how it works. Like all reflective material the light source needs to hit the design at a good angle to work. The stars and Coopers name glowed bright white when hit with the flash of the camera even though the color of the vinyl is royal blue!

CWest_RPF_Reflective View CWest_RPF_Normal View




This is a fun material to get some cool effects on clothing, and really light up the night!

Halloween Scrapbook Layout

I have gotten away from scrapbooking and have decided I really want to get back into it since I have 3 beautiful grandchildren now. So I decided to start with a nice quick and simple layout from Halloween, that I could design in MTC and cut with my Zing. Photo Nov 17, 5 27 44 PM


Zing                                                                                                                                    KNK Zing/Zing Air/Maxx Air Standard Material Detail Blade                                                  Cardstock                                                                                                                                 Vinyl

Settings                                                                                                                                For Cardstock                                                                                                                      *force 101                                                                                                                                  *cuts2                                                                                                                              *speed 10/10                                                                                                                    *Red Blade at .25

For Vinyl                                                                                                                                 *force 65                                                                                                                                   *cuts 1                                                                                                                             *speed 10/10                                                                                                                     *Red Blade at .25


  1. I used the Font named Stencil for the Happy Halloween title. I sized and placed it on my 12×12 mat where I wanted it to cut on my 12×12 black cardstock.
  2. Then I got the square shape and sized that to 6.3 X 4.3 and placed it where I wanted that to cut on my cardstock.   Screenshot 2015-11-17 16.21.36
  3. Placed my Black Cardstock on my mat and did a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) cut.
  4. I used the Font named Passtime and typed To Cute To Spook!, shadowed it. I cut the shadow from the orange cardstock and the letters from black vinyl.
  5. Googled for a Black Cat image and did a Pixel Trace-shadowed the cat, printed it and did a Print and Cut using the shadow. Screenshot 2015-11-17 20.41.30
  6. Layered the clack cardstock on a 12X12 orange cardstock, added a black mat to the picture and three bat stickers I had and here is my nice simple Halloween Layout!!!!

Photo Nov 17, 5 42 58 PM

Give Thanks

20151119-File Nov 19, 2 51 26 PM


When I check out Pinterest, sometimes I find the best ideas, like this card: stampin-up-pilgrim-card

There’s a cute french fry box there too. She made the card using stamping up punches. I thought how easy it would be to copy it, using the basic shapes in Make the Cut, especially since I don’t own the punches necessary to make this card.

So I welded and joined a couple of scalloped squares and easily drew the buckle and belt using the shapes in Make the Cut. I had this card put together in minutes.

I used the dots embossing on the collar and tied a ribbon and was good to go. I did try to tackle cutting out the belt buckle with glitter foam. I put the Zing on full force (158) and ran about 6 passes. Since the foam had sticky on the back, I didn’t put it on a mat, just ran it through the machine. The Zing didn’t quite cut all the way through, but I had enough that I could finish off the cuts with an exacto knife. I didn’t have a blue blade, which I think would’ve made a better difference, but for what I needed, what I had worked.

I also created a little greeting for the inside, using the brady bunch font that I downloaded from dafont.

20151119-File Nov 19, 2 51 52 PM

Here’s the file if you want to make one. It was super easy, had it done in less than 15 minutes.


20151119-File Nov 19, 2 52 14 PM



Make the Cut

Cardstock (brown, white and black)

gold glitter foam

small buttons

black ribbon

swiss dots embossing folder



Zing: f- 80 for the card stock, 1 pass


Thanksgiving utensil holder

While we were out and about, my three-year-old pointed out a snowman that held utensils and I thought it was cute.  I figured that, while I could make the snowman, I would make a turkey since my husband is a freak about thanksgiving.  I created the turkey using basic shapes and some math.  The file is attached at the end for personal use.



Materials used:


  • Force: 70
  • Offset: .35
  • Passes: 1


Start by cutting all the pieces of cardstock in colors of your liking.  I chose four fall colors and cut two of each size of feathers.   I also cut out two of the black pieces to make a pouch for a folded napkin.  I chalked the edges of all the pieces with a color to match to give it some depth.  When gluing the feathers down I chose to offset the front feathers (You could also put the front feathers in line with the back ones).  I then glued down the rest of the body except for the wings because I wasn’t sure the fork and knife would fit.  Once I made sure they did fit, I glued just the edges of the wings to the body (If you have large utensils you may want to elongate the wings).  Then I put the fork and knife in, closed the wings, and secured them with glue dots.

thanksgiving utensil holder-Nicole Kemble


Party Favor for 25th Anniversary

Paryt Favor, Omayra, Wedding, Anniversary, KNK

This is a Party Favor that I made for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. In this arrangement I used my KNK Groove-e to cut the top of it with mine and my husband’s initials, the munber 25th and endured by two doves.The arrangement also has a picture of our wedding inside a wineglass and embellished with tulle and ribbon.


Settings (Maxx Air):

Chipboard (Blue Cap)

  • F = 45
  • V = 150
  • P = 1

Vinyl (Red Cap)

  • F = 35
  • V = 150
  • P = 1


  1. First Cut two chipboard with the design that you want and glue them together to make them harder.
  2. Party Favor post2 Nov 15 2015 Cut the vinyl with the same design that you cut the chipboard and paste it above the chipboard.
  3. Adjust your picture to the size of your wineglass and place it inside it with your glue gun.
  4. Cover the top of you glass with a Styrofoam and with your glue gun attached your design made with the chipboard and the vinyl. Then cover the empty spaces of your Styrofoam with tulle and Ribbon
  5. Do not forget to embellish the bottom of your wine glass and your project is finished.