6 more days…


So if you need a last minute gift, this is an easy and fun one you can make with your KNK machine and some vinyl. I got the cookie tray at the dollar store. The ones I saw on Pinterest were made with silver trays, but all I had was this black one, so I used it and I think the shiny gold vinyl looks really good on it. When my parents owned a sign shop, they gave me a huge roll of it and I’ll probably be using it for the rest of my life.


So all I did was measure the tray and then create the title and numbers in Make the Cut. It was easy peasy lemon squeezy.


I stuck a magnet to the bottom of one of those little gift boxes and now I have an easy count down to Christmas that the kiddos and adults will love.


I didn’t realize my cookie tray had a dent in it until after the photographic evidence showed me it was there. Ah well, it will still serve its purpose.


The Details

Machine Used: KNK Maxx 24″

settings: 30, 250

Software: Make the Cut

Vinyl: gold leaf and red from my parents’ sign shop

Fonts: MTF Dear Santa: the christmas tree dingy, the ornament on the “C” (free)

LDJ Fungle: “countdown” (not free)

LDJ Martian Mania: the numbers (not free)

Mountains of Christmas: the Christmas title (free)

I really wanted to share this file with you, but then I had to go and use paid-for fonts and the Lettering Delights people might get a little mad at me. And then I thought cookie cutters come in so many sizes that it might not be useful to share the file anyway.

P.S. A cool tip: cut out the numbers where you want them placed on the tray. Don’t cut them out individually. It uses more vinyl, but I was able to lay all the numbers down in one shot and they were aligned because I had aligned them in make the cut. (When entering the text, choose separate by space).

“See” you next year.


Pinch wheel care and maintenance

Oh, bugger – I dislike having to fix things and to maintain things when I am so very busy! I know you are busy too, but we all reluctantly accept the fact that everything needs a little bit of TLC now and again.

Well, my oh my, were my Maxx‘s pinch wheels sticky. I’d recently gotten out the large 24″ x 28″ mat to do some projects. It was originally made to be very sticky because I’d been using it to cut fabric. Now, however, I was cutting paper and the rollers were pressing right onto the mat. Besides the extremely annoying tacky noises that it was making, it was really starting to gum up the pinch wheel rollers. And THAT was causing my mat to skew when one of the outer rollers was gummed up and riding directly on the mat.


Wow, that was pretty bad! I even had some bits of paper and vinyl stuck to some of them. Dirty2_opt

Time to get out the un-du and clean those babies up.


I happened to have some cheesecloth hanging around from Halloween projects, so that seemed like a good tool and it worked great. I put a little un-du on the rolled up cheesecloth and rubbed it across the rubber wheel until it looked smooth and clean.



One last tip:  If you get any little fuzzies on the gritty metal rollers at the bottom, simply use some masking tape and blot them off.

Christmas falls on December 25th every year…


So why does it sneak up on me every year? Last year I was at  Michael’s craft store and they had these great blank cards on clearance. The plan was to buy  them and have all year to make them into great Christmas cards. I send out about 100 cards so it is no small feat to make them.


Coredinations paper


card blanks

KNK Maxx

Red capped blade


Speed 400

force 46 for vinyl

90  for Coredinations

IMG_3664 Aren’t they great? Well, fast forward 11 months and here I am, 10 days until Christmas and just starting. Lucky for me, My Scrap Chick sends out a free file every Friday and this file was perfect for me! If you aren’t signed up for their Friday Freebies the files are available for $1 on their site.

IMG_3663 IMG_3662 I used a white textured cardstock for the background, colored Coredinations for the red and green and white and silver vinyl for the Joy with the snowflake and the ornament top.

Then, there was a card that I saw on Pinterest that I thought would be fun to duplicate. IMG_3665 It is just a rectangle with 3 pine trees cut out of it and then you save the 3 trees, emboss them and put them on the card.  The one Pintrest had the pop dots so the trees stood off the paper a bit. I didn’t do this as it increases the cost to mail them. I attached the file for this card. Back to making my cards! Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I made!




3 pine tree card

Card for Someone Special

Card, KNK, Omayra,

I love to make personalized gifts for everybody. So, this time I made a special card for my sister-in-law Aurea. With our cutter machines we can make a perfect and unique card or gift for everyone in our list. That makes your gift very SPECIAL because you can add your own style. Your sister, brother, sister-in-law, aunt and uncle, teacher, babysitter, neighbor and everyone else will be pleasantly surprised by your thoughtfulness.

The design that I used were files that were provided to me in a KNK Retreat in Tampa, FL.


Settings (Groove-e):

  • F = 35
  • V = 100
  • Blue Cap


  1. Design what you want on your card using KNK StudioMTC, or Popup Card Studio,
  2. If desired, Glue decorative paper on top of your cardstock.
  3. Cut the Card-stock using your cutter machine.
  4. Embellish the name with glitter
  5. Place a different color of cardstock on the back of your design
  6. And your card is ready to go.


This is the same card without using a colored cardstock in the back of the design.



Let It Snow

I’ve just completed assembling 10 double sided snowflakes that I cut on my 15″ KNK Maxx Air.  The designs for the snowflakes came from the “Alpine Snow” cut set from Lettering Delights.  I decided to cut the snowflakes from white card stock and to cut a second set so I could adhere them back to back.  That way when they are hung, both sides are pretty.  I suspected that it would be a challenge to photograph them so you could see the various layers.  It was.  Here is the photo of the 10 snowflakes and if you look closely you can see the layers thanks to some help from Adobe Photoshop Elements software.


Materials Used:

White cardstock


Machine:  15″ KNK Maxx Air

Blade:  Standard Material – red cap

Force:  32

Speed: 80

Single pass

The Cut Sets from Lettering Delights contain SVG format files.  These files were imported into the Make the Cut software and cut from there.  Then it was just a matter of assembling the pieces and adhering them together.  I will add a hanging cord to each one of these and use them as gifts for my friends.  It would also be very pretty to use one snowflake and put it on a Christmas or winter greeting card.