Heat transfer vinyl

About a year ago I bought a heat press. I love cutting vinyl and thought that I could have a lot of fun with heat transfer vinyl. From what I read on line you can have a lot of success using an iron but a heat press is definitely faster and less work. I don’t use it as much as I would like to but when I do it sure is fun.

A friend has a sister who is a Chicago Bears fan, we live in WI, we are not Bears fans. So her sister asked for a Bears shirt for Christmas and this is what we came up with. :O)

IMG_4589 IMG_4588

The red Glitterflex HTV is so pretty on this shirt

IMG_4633 IMG_4634


For a little princess in my life

IMG_4635 IMG_4636


And for the little princesses Aunt I made a hoodie using Thermoflex







KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

Force 50

Speed 400

2 passes for Glitterflex

The fun thing about the shirts is that the majority of them are just using a font to create the verse and then mirroring it so that it appears correct on the shirt. Most of the shirts cost under $10 to create, including the price of the shirt. The hoodie was a bit more.

Chipboard – Product Information


In today’s day the chipboard has become one of the most used items.  With Klic-N-Kut chipboard, you have the ability to add dimension to any of your crafting projects. Our chipboard is thick enough to create rigid shapes and embellishments and its smooth surface makes this product fun and easy to cut on all Klic-N-Kut machines, as well as most computerized cutting systems you can find.

Item weight: 1 lb                                                                                                                       Product Dimension: 12x12x.3 in                                                                                               Color: Brown                                                                                                                             Sheet size: 12×12

Chipboard is used to embellish scrapbooking pages, to make your own personalized album, decorative boxes, photo frames, etc. They can also be used to protect your shipments, paper or photos. It is even used to make decorations for parties such as baby showers, Birthdays parties, Graduations, Wedding, etc. Below are examples of Anniversary decorations made using the product..

Party Favor post2 Nov 15 2015

Paryt Favor, Omayra, Wedding, Anniversary, KNK

Need more inspiration on how to use a piece of Chipboard?

Completed Product Post

The Chipboard can also be wrapped with fabric for a beautiful decoration. Click here for a step by step instruction.

These stunning Houses were done by Judy, using Chipboard. Click here for step by step instructions.

KNK, Omayra, Christmas

Glue gift wrap paper on top of the chipboard before cutting it and you will be left with a unique eye-catching piece of art! Click here for the step by step instructions.


How to Create a Cute Gilded Ring Dish

Gilded Ring dish with heart How often do you need a simple gift for someone? Today I’ll show you how to create a cute gilded ring dish that would make a nice birthday, anniversary, get well, shower, or bridesmaid gift. You could also add a name, date, or other information to make it extra special.

  • Materials:
  1. Small dipping dish (Mine is about 4″ X 4″)
  2. Rubbing alcohol
  3. Outdoor vinyl
  4. Transfer paper
  5. Krylon Leafing Pen (I am IN LOVE with these)
  6. Red Capped Blade (Sometimes I use blue)
  7. Make the Cut software
  • Settings for KNK Zing:
  1. Force – 15
  2. Speed – 10
  3. Multicut – 1
  • Steps:
  1. Import or copy design into MTC
  2. Cut vinyl and weed
  3. Apply transfer paper
  4. Wipe dish with alcohol and let dry
  5. Apply vinyl
  6. Apply gold leafing pen to edge of dish

Applying Krylon Gold Leafing Pen to Edge of Dish I thought it would be difficult to apply the gold leafing. However, I found it was simple to do because the tip of the leafing pen just kind of forms to the edge, making it easy to keep it nice and straight. It took two coats of it to completely cover. I simply let the first coat dry, and went right over it again. It only takes a few minutes to dry enough to re-coat.

Here’s a ring dish I completed tonight…. just for me!   (Oh… and for those of you that didn’t know, the “UP” stands for the upper peninsula of Michigan.) Upper Peninsula Ring Dish


Pleather: Why didn’t I try this sooner?

Cutting pleather (synthetic leather) on KNK digital cutting systems is a dream! I cannot believe I didn’t try it sooner! I bought this pleather at JoAnn Fabrics with some project in mind, but never got around to using it. I TOTALLY REGRET not trying this before!!! It cuts like butter, and turns out beautifully. For this project I made a simple card, but I have plans….oh, do I have plans!!!

20160109_192004 (809x1024)

Dove: approximately 2″ x 2.5″


20160109_210550 (1024x824)

Settings (Maxx Air):


  1. Apply pleather to a very sticky mat. Use a brayer to ensure good contact.
  2. Cut pleather using the fabric blade. Set aside.
  3. Apply the watercolor paper to a lightly sticky mat. Cut the watercolor paper using a standard blade. Embellish if desired – I used silver ink splash on the piece with the dove.
  4. Apply the WorldWin ColorMates cardstock to a lightly sticky mat.
  5. Emboss the fold line with the embossing tool.
  6. Cut WorldWin ColorMates cardstock using the standard blade.
  7. Apply the pleather to the front of the card using a strong double sided adhesive and the watercolor paper to the inside of the card with scrapbooking tape.
  8. Embellish as desired.

20160109_210531 (752x1024)

I have so many ideas for pleather on chalkboard-painted or chalkboard vinyl covered projects! Too cool!

Chalkboard Countdown Sign

Ever since my three-year-old daughter saw a friend’s picture of Sofia the First she wanted to go meet her.  My husband and I decided this spring was the right time to visit Disney World since our daughter is old enough to remember the trip and it won’t be too terribly crowded or hot.  We also wanted to do something special for her before the new baby arrives in August.  I made the mistake of telling her about the trip which started the constant barrage of questions.  “Are we going to Disney today?” has become an hourly inquiry.  Sometimes she will even tell me that after her nap we ARE going to Disney.  After hearing it a bazillion times I thought to make a count down board or calendar of some sort.  I remembered I had some chalkboard vinyl from KNK and I thought this would be a great project to try it out on.  My daughter can be involved with changing the numbers and learning to write them.


Materials used:


  • Force: 14 Orcal 651
  • Force: 70 Wall-chalker vinyl
  • Speed: 10/10
  • Offset: .25
  • Passes: 1
  • Blade Height: 25 post-its


  1. I created the file I wanted to use.  The font is Waltograph42 from dafont.com and the Mickey head is a jpeg that I pixel traced.
  2. My wonderful husband kindly cut and painted the board for me.
  3. I cut the two pieces of vinyl and placed them on my painted board.
  4. Finally I let my child make a huge mess while learning to write with chalk.