And it is on to Christmas!

It seems like we went from July to November, time truly does fly by!

A friend of mine loves everything M&M. On Pintrest I found a link to a free SVG M&M face for ornaments. Ken’s Kreations posted the files back in 2014 and they are still available free!.

Also, a few years back there were a lot of posts about taking a clear 3 inch flat plastic or glass ornament and swirling poly acrylic in it, draining it, adding glitter, letting it dry and you then had a glitter ornament. So, as long as I was making a mess I made a ton of them. Combine the free files with the left over ornaments and this is what you get!

Don’t they just make you smile! The faces were all cut from vinyl and applied with clear transfer tape.


clear plastic ornaments

poly acrylic

fine glitter

clear transfer tape





15″KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 34

Speed 500


Personalized Gift Bag

Personalized Gift Bag,

I love to personalize everything. This time, I personalized a Gift Bag for a gift that a friend of mine would be giving to her granddaughter. This is a very simple project that makes a Huge difference. Customizing it makes it more personal. Even a simple gift bag. Now that Christmas is around the corner, This is a technique that we can use on any gift bag that we use for presents.

The materials that I used for this Personalized Gift Bag were:

Settings for Groove-e Machine:

  • Force = 15
  • Speed = 150

Steps to make the Personalized Gift Bag:

  1. The gift bag that I got already had the balloons, so I just measured the balloons to know the size that I would be making the name of the girl and her age.
  2. Once I had the measurements, I wrote the name and the number 15 and cut it using my KNK Groove-e.
  3. After it was weeded, I applied the transfer tape on top of the letters.
  4. Finally, I transferred the vinyl.

Happy Halloween!

Oh the fun we use to have Trick or Treating! “In my day” it was relatively safe to be out and about with a group of siblings and we would put on miles to get all of the treats that we could. It was one of the few times of the year that we got candy. Now, we live in the country and have had one trick or treater in 30 years. So we will head to a friends house that is in a popular trick or treat neighborhood (good candy!) and check out all of the ghosts and goblins.

I have a couple of Halloween decorations that I made, one for a friend, one for me, both very simple to design.

This small goblin was made using a scrap piece of wood that I had sitting around that was painted antique white. I used a free font called DBJack-oPattern. The whole font is jack o lantern faces and Halloween graphics. I picked one that I liked and made a stencil from vinyl and painted the black face. I then used black paint around the edges to make it look more primitive. Because it sits on a table I decided to do both sides.

This board was a Pintrest find. I thought it was funny and so I made it for the friend who is allowing us to join her for Halloween.

This is just a 10″x48″ pine board that was painted white and the I designed the image using fonts in KNK Studio. I cut the design from vinyl and applied it to the sign.







15″KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 34

Speed 500

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


My broom broke

I saw this file at my “go-to” site and I knew I was going to do something with it.

I just cut a piece of chipboard (from the Team KNK store!) into an 8×8 piece and glued a pretty piece of Halloween paper I had from a DCWV stack. I used brown ink for the edges and a piece of wire to hang it.

I used brown and black vinyl. This picture shows the brown vinyl a little better than the other one did.

I also sprayed it with clear acrylic spray to help seal the paper on the edge of the chipboard.

Machine Used:

KNK Maxx 24″, red blade.

Materials Used:

chipboard (12×12)

Halloween paper

black vinyl

brown vinyl

Happy Fall!

This was another customer request. It is so easy to do, just selecting some fun fonts and sizing each line so that the finished product fits the piece of wood you plan on using.


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

speed  500

Force   36


12×24 wood

rustoleum 2X paint


This plaque was made using wood, paint and vinyl. I painted the plaque and let it dry for 24 hours. I then used Klic n Kut Studio to design the saying. I typed the whole saying and then went line by line and selected the font I wanted for each line. The words pumpkins and cornstalks were made by selecting transform and then fit text to arc. This has to be done prior to breaking path. I then went to arrange and selected break path. I  went back and selected arrange, make path (ctrl/H) for each line. I then made a 12×24 rectangle ,which represented the size of the wood , and started resizing each line to fit where I wanted them. The rectangles are just guides to line up each line. Here is the file for anyone who would like it. It is in KNK format, SVG and MTC

every year I fall for pumpkins