Gobble til you wobble



How’s it going? For my project this month I really tried to do a paper weaving thing. It was supposed to be a hot air balloon, but I’m not sure what it ended up being, but I finally quit out of frustration. So here I am with a Thanksgiving card.


I don’t even know where I got the file so I apologize that I can’t direct you to it if you think he’s cute. It might have been Miss Kate’s Cuttables, but I’m not entirely sure. 20141119-IMG_1698

I had this pretty Thanksgiving stamp that I used for the inside. 20141119-IMG_1700

I modified the file by using goggly eyes instead of the cut out eyes. 20141119-IMG_1701

The funny part is it didn’t stand up very well once I added the eyes. My turkey became “right heavy” and kept falling over to the right. Oops. 20141119-IMG_1702 You are probably wondering what those scratch marks are on the orange part of his feathers. Yeah, I’m kinda wondering too. I think I had to make another pass because I sort of forgot to put paper on the mat the first time and my cutter got full of gunk. So it didn’t go through and I moved the mat before I realized there was a problem. I actually didn’t notice that there were light cut lines until I took the pictures. What is it with cameras picking up flaws and all? Guess I could Photoshop it, but I keep things real here.

I was going to post the pile of mess-ups from my paper weaving disaster… but… nah.


(If you want to check out the site). The PDF file is super easy to scan into MTC and cut out.

Anyway, here’s the details:


Paper (used white core DCWV…really wished I had those colors in Worldwins but I didn’t)

orange ink

Thanksgiving stamp

foam tape (for lift)

glue stick



I have no idea. Sorry.


KNK Zing

red blade

120 Force

10/10 speed




Soft, fibrous paper solution!

I was working on a project and wanted to use very specific colors. I found 2 of the colors in my WorldWin CutMates collection and 1 color in my WorldWin Smooth & Silky collection, but had to go dig up some paper I bought from a sewing and craft ‘box’ store for other colors.

Oh, the aggravation I suffered! The WorldWin papers cut so nicely with very clean edges. But the box store paper was giving me fits! I threw away piece after piece. I adjusted pressure and speed – again and again and again and again. I could improve it, but it was never going to look like WorldWin paper cuts!! I was getting about one good cut-out shape for every ten or twelve on the sheet. I tried to use scissors to trim off the extra and ended up changing the shape of the cut-out object. NOT ACCEPTABLE!

The problem is that soft, fibrous paper just doesn’t cut cleanly, even on some paper trimmers. There’s too much flexibility to fibers of the paper, and they tend to “move out of the way” of the blade. To get a clean cut, with very little hassle, we typically use a dense and crisp type of paper or card stock. WorldWin paper is perfect for this.

I needed to use these specific colors to match a project so I needed to find a solution for my “off-brand” papers. Okay, so I knew the problem was the fibrous nature of the paper and I thought, “Why not press it?”. If I could somehow compress the paper….I have an iron, I have a heat press – but those just didn’t seem like they would work. Then I realized I have the perfect tool in my arsenal – my KNK!


It never seemed to cut through the paper consistently.

Using the KNK embossing tool, I “pressed” the lines before I cut them. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Yes, I am screaming with joy! I used the settings for embossing on the mat and embossed all of my cut lines before actually cutting them out. I was then able to get clean cuts on all twelve shapes on a sheet! Hoorah!


Now THAT is more like it!



  • Emboss settings
    • f = 300, v = 450
  • Cut Settings
    • f = 42, v = 125

I hope this tip helps you to reduce frustration and use up your box store card stock. Happy Cutting!

It’s Me Again!

I know I just posted Friday but I made these cute ornaments and had to share. I have mentioned before, I hate glitter. I do not like messes and glitter makes messes. That being said,everyone has been making these cute glitter ornaments and I had to give it a try. I bought the 3″ clear flat glass ornaments at Michaels last year at 70% off. Then, I was lucky enough to find Glitter it on clearance at Wal Mart.
IMG_3576 I made about 30 ornaments and used less than half of that little bottle of glitter it. I poured some glitter it into the ornament and slowly rolled it around the inside of the ornament. I used a disposable dixie cup and let the ornament drain into the cup so I could keep reusing the Glitter it. Then I poured the glitter in, I use fine glitter. One again, I emptied the excess into a dixie cup. Then I put the ornaments into an egg carton, upside down, to drain and dry. I let mine dry a week, only because it was that long before I had free time again. :O)

IMG_3578 Then I cut my files and applied them to the ornaments. It was pretty simple!

IMG_3601 IMG_3604 IMG_3602 IMG_3605 IMG_3603 Settings

Force 40

Speed 350

Red capped blade


15″ KNK Maxx


Glitter It


More teachers gift!

Besides being “Grama” to my 2 adorable grandkids I am blessed to be Great Aunt to 16. The majority of them are under 10. I was inspired by Deb’s post with the chalkboard apple and made a few of them as gifts but I was only able to order a few the chalkboard apples as they were then sold out.  I found a cute group of Teacher’s files at My Vinyl Designer and made the following. IMG_3564 IMG_3587 IMG_3588 IMG_3592 IMG_3556 IMG_3593 The first picture and the last picture were made using chalkboards that I purchased at Wal-Mart. The pencil holders glass container was from the dollar tree, and the black tile with the pencil frame I purchased at ReStore. The last picture are flower pots my daughter gave to me and asked me to put this saying on them. I can assure you that it would be much easier to add the vinyl to an empty pot than one already planted. :~) The font is 2peas kindergarten. I used indoor vinyl on all of them. My first Christmas gift project complete!!!



red capped blade

indoor vinyl


speed 450

force 45

One File, Many Possibilities


Since Christmas always seems to arrive sooner than my completion of all the projects I’ve thought I would accomplish, I’ve made a file that can be used in many ways for lots of projects.  Since my 15″ Maxx Air is capable of cutting lots of different materials and my KNK Studio software and my Make the Cut software can easily resize the files according to my needs at the moment, I am ready to start producing those projects as soon as I decide which one to do first.  Oh wait, I did use the file to make the project for this post so I guess I am on my way.

Last year I made many of the round charger plates with vinyl sayings/graphics.  Later I found some smaller, rectangular platters/plates that I liked and bought a couple of them for my stash.  Today I used one of them for my post project along with that ever versatile and so easy to use vinyl.  This is what I made.

Finished Tray_JudyKay-Optimized

Materials Used:

Metallic vinyl in brushed silver and gold

Rectangular tray from hobby store


Machine – KNK 15″ Maxx Air,  Blade – red cap standard material,  Force – 15,  Speed – 70 (because of detailed design)

As I mentioned above, this design could be used for many different materials and many different projects.  Some that I considered are:

Cut from vinyl and apply to a greeting card.

Cut from velum or cardstock and use as an overlay on a greeting card.  Back the overlay with mylar or foil.

Cut from heavy cardstock, chipboard, thin acrylic, or styrene and use for an ornament.

Cut from the Faux Glass Etch vinyl in various sizes and decorate windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.

Enlarge to several different sizes, cut from heavy cardstock, chipboard, thin acrylic, or styrene; mount on stands and display as a “forest” on a shelf or mantle.

Cut from velum and adhere one to each side of a glass candle holder with a battery powered tea light inside.

Cut multiple trees in different sizes from wall vinyl and decorate a wall.

Cut the tree and star from any of the iron-on vinyl materials and decorate clothing, tote bags, and other fabric items.  The tree is symmetrical so if you forget to mirror the file before cutting, it is OK.

I am sure you can imagine many additional uses for the file.  Enjoy!

Christmas Tree Cutting Files_JudyKay