Our family has expanded by four paws

Hello. I think I’ve mentioned this, but last June, my daughter and I started fostering kittens for the San Diego Humane Society. Over the months, we fostered 22 kittens. Unfortunately, two passed away, but it was a good feeling that we were able to help 20 kittens find their homes.

The day after Christmas, there were 5 puppies available. I had never fostered puppies, but decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, we lost one the first night and the rest were not doing so well. We got them on antibiotics and well… let’s say that these guys have thrived. They were nearly a week old when I got them, eyes closed and had to be bottle fed every three hours, kept warm and had to be stimulated to go to the bathroom.

Tomorrow they go get spayed and neutered and then go to their forever homes. I found them all homes, so I will get to visit and get updates. And well, one is going to stay with us.

My daughter started an Instagram account (@sdfostermoms) if you want to see Lucy’s sister and brothers (Sally, Charlie Brown and Linus)

and the kittens we fostered.

So I designed this little sign to use for our “little announcement.” I kind of messed up because the sign turned out blurry in the picture, but I’m an amateur, so still learning.

I used SCAL 5 and my mac. Hooked up the Zing-a-ling and it was so easy! I just used the “vinyl wall decal” setting. Unfortunately, I cannot get my KNK Maxx 24 to work with SCAL. I hope to fix that soon, otherwise it has just become a very big paper weight because I no longer have a PC. I may have to upgrade Parallels, but I’m hoping to get it to work.

I actually designed this file, looking at some ideas I found on the Internet. It’s a SCAL 5 file. Please use it for personal use only. I used Kimberly Geiswein fonts, so I believe you have to buy a commercial license if you would like to use her fonts for things you sell.

I cut it out with white vinyl. It fits on 8 1/2 x 11 paper (I used black chalkboard paper) and then mounted it on a 9 1/2 x 12 piece of chipboard.


Zing; SCAL 5, vinyl wall decal settings



More Mayan and Valentine’s

I made Mayan a few personalized onesies and his mom sent me a picture of him wearing one!

Isn’t he adorable!

These were made simply using a font called Arrowcrafter and HTV (heat transfer vinyl)

And here we go from adorable baby to adorable Gnomes!

I purchased a file from a company that does files for sewing appliques. They have converted many of their files to cutting files. But unfortunately although the files are in cutting format I have found many of them “uncuttable.” This seems to happen often with people who create but do now own a cutter to test their files on. I spent a fair amount of time cleaning the file up so I could cut it, but that being said, I think the end result is adorable!





clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 36

Speed 500

Valentines Day is days away

Not too many years ago I would send out a handmade Valentine to all my nieces and nephews and then to my great nieces and nephews. Now, I am lucky if I get cards done for my 2 grandkids. It isn’t about time, it is about not having it in me. Some of you know that I lost my youngest son 10 years ago. He had a severe disability so for 22 years he was my life. When he passed it was a blessing for him, but not for me. And that piece of my heart that is missing is the part that can’t handle things like Christmas, decorating for holidays, etc.  But it is slowly making it’s way back, I almost feel “normal”. My grandson, Gavin was 2 at the time my son passed, he will be 13 in July. He was the little guy who made bad days brighter. Gavin loves pugs. And when I took Gavin and his sister Hailey to the store the other day they were eyeing up the big Hershey kisses. Hence this card.


And yes, I will be getting Hershey’s kisses to go with the card.




clear transfer tape

All available at  KNKUSA


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

force 36

speed 500

Wisconsin weather…

We have had some crazy weather here in Wisconsin. Last week Monday school was closed because of the amount of snow that we had that day. Schools are reluctant to close because by law the students are required to go a certain number of days and although “snow days” are built into the annual calendar you don’t want to exceed them. Wednesday and Thursday the Governor declared a State of Emergency as we had -50 wind chills. Everything closed, even mail delivery was cancelled. The following Monday we had freezing rain, all roads were glare ice. County trucks out salting the roads were sliding into each other. And this is when little Mayan decided to come into this world! Now I don’t know this family, but they live fairly close and this event was well covered by local media. Mason was delivered in the front seat of the car by his dad with his 3 older siblings in the back seat!

So, I decided to make them a few gifts. I reached out to baby Mayan’s mom, Pilar and got the info I needed. First I made the birth plaque…

Then I decided to make a family gift…

Then a couple of personalized onesies…

Mayan’s sister Anah is 4 so I made her this.

Mayan’s due date was yesterday, another day of no school due to freezing drizzle topped by 7″ of snow. I was fortunate to have all the supplies on hand and plenty of time as I wasn’t about to venture out!


Wood Canvas

Wood cabinet door


Dollar store Apron




15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade


Vinyl  36

HTV 50 multi cut 2

Speed 500

Beautiful Unicorn T-Shirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl

Beautiful Unicorn T-Shirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl, Omayra, KNK Beautiful Unicorn T-Shirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl

I made this Beautiful Unicorn T-Shirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl for my granddaughters Birthday. To this design, she wanted me to add pink glitter eye shadow since she would be wearing some as well, and she wanted the unicorn on her shirt to match her make up, lol. So, I used Glitterflex Ultra heat transfer vinyl to make the unicorn’s eye shadow and it´s horn, so it matches with my granddaughter´s glitter eye shadow.

Materials that I used to make this Beautiful Unicorn T-Shirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl were:

Settings to cut the ThermoFlex PLUS


  • Blade = Red
  • F = 8
  • V = 150

Settings to cut the  Glitterflex Ultra

  • Blade = Blue
  • F = 20
  • V = 150


  1. I traced the image and cut the files using the Glitterflex Ultra  and ThermoFlex PLUS
  2. After it was weeded, I then placed the heat transfer vinyl by colors on the shirt and I went pressing with the heat press. The ThermoFlex was heat pressed at 330 F for 15 seconds, then it was peeled, with a Teflon sheet on top of the design it was repressed for 2 seconds. The Glitterflex Ultra was heat pressed at 330 F for 20 minutes and it was also repressed for 2 seconds with a Teflon Sheet on top of the design.