Homecoming… or HoCo…

as I learned it was called. This month my son asked me to help make him a sign to ask a girl to the Homecoming Dance. He told me he wanted the theme to be Sponge bob, so he downloaded the picture of the pirate from the internet and printed it out. From there, we used MTC to design the sign (drew a rectangle the size of the sign and designed inside that rectangle.) We also downloaded a free sponge bob font from the internet. Here it is:


Sorry the color is so bad on the picture. We worked on it the night before he presented it to her. We cut the vinyl out in green and then he wanted to use a marker to draw the square where she could check off her answer (notice there was no option for no) and he wanted a speech bubble.


He says this is a horrible picture of him, but here he is at school asking her to the dance.


I was told she isn’t a fan of taking pictures, but she did say yes and they had a great time together. Just as an aside: He has been in love with her since Kindergarten, but they have remained friends through out the years. He will probably clobber me for telling the inter webs that, so ssshhhhh. 🙂 🙂


KNK Maxx 24


Tagboard from Dollar Tree (50 cents! And vinyl goes on it great!) They also sell the foam core for a buck and that works great too!

green vinyl… from my closet… that dark and scary place

Spongebob font from www.dafont.com. It’s free. Cuts okay, the letter spacing is a little funky, but my son told me I wasn’t allowed to fix the kerning issues that were bugging me. 🙂

Until next month!


Today I had my first experience using a KNK Zing Air.  It is an amazing little machine!!  Recently there has been a surge of interest in using electronic cutters to cut fabric pieces for applique both for people who do hand applique and those who applique by machine.  The shop where I work has decided that the KNK Zing Air is the best cutter for the job.  (I might have had a bit of influence in the decision 🙂 ).  Friday two Zing Air cutters arrived at the shop.  Today (Sunday) one of them is helping me prepare my post.

A friend who works with us at the shop had a request to create an applique for a wall hanging she wants to create.  She explained her plan to me and provided a copy of a photo that was her inspiration.  I was able to use an existing file from the Make The Cut Gallery and node edit it so it resembled the photos.

Materials Used:

Cotton Quilting Fabric backed with Heat-N-Bond

Cotton Quilting Fabric backed with Steam-A-Seam Lite 2

Iron-on Heat Transfer Vinyl


Machine Used:  KNK Zing Air

For Cotton Fabrics: Fabric blade, Speeds 11/15, Force 75, Multi 2, Offset .75, PIN 25

For Iron-on Heat Transfer Vinyl:  Red blade, Speeds 15/15, Force 30, Multi 1, Offset .25, PIN 25


Okay, skulls are not my thing, but—.  The request was for a 4″ high skull cut from fabric so it could be appliqued onto a base fabric.  The green one in the picture is about 3.5″ high because I forgot that the measurements in the bar in MTC also include the vector handles.  So I corrected the size before cutting the others.  The green one has Heat-N-Bond fused to the back of the fabric.  The two pieces did not get cut cleanly apart because the Zing mat was not sticky enough to hold the fabric in place while cutting.  The white one has Steam-A-Seam Lite 2 fused to the back of the fabric and the Steam-A-Seam itself is sticky so that stickiness, in addition to the adhesive on the mat, was successful in holding the fabric in place for a clean cut.  After seeing the amount of detail that would have to be dealt with in using this design for an applique, I thought that the Iron-on Heat Transfer Vinyl would be a better choice for the applique and it would not have to be stitched down.  The black glittery skull was cut from this vinyl.  And I did remember to mirror the image before cutting the vinyl since it is cut from the back side.

So now I know a little about the Zing and will be able to help customers as they expand their skills into our world of Klic-N-Kut.

A special request

My daughter works for a marketing company that rewards their highest achievers each month with priority parking spots for the following month. They had purchase parking permits to hang on the rear view windows to signify that they were entitled to that spot. But then they found that the employees weren’t always handing the tags back in and abusing the system. So she asked me if I could make the tags in 2 different colors so that they could alternate colors every other month.




clear transfer tape



red capped blade


38 for vinyl

110 for cardstock

Speed  450

The first thing that I did was place the tag on a dark paper for good contrast and scanned it. I then opened the scan using KNK Studio and traced the image.



Then I cut the traced image from card stock and using Calibri bold font cut the letters from vinyl. Using clear transfer tape I transferred the letters to the tags. I took me less than an hour from design to finish.



Beautiful Bow for a Beautiful Bride

Bow, KNK, Omayra bow-post-10-3-16

The inspiration for this project came from a spontaneous situation. In which, my daughter-in-law ran all Orlando trying to get a beautiful, sparkling bow for her wedding. With sadly no luck. But, while I was making some decorations with the Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra from knkusa.com, a material that she loves. So after some quick thinking, I decided to make her bow a with that material but not tell her anything until the bow was completely done. Though… i have to say. The Pressure Sensitive Glitter Flex Ultra is the best material ever! It is very, very pretty and easy to cut with our cutters.It gave the end result a very professional look.



  • F = 25
  • V = 100


  1. I went to the internet and searched for Free Bow Template. Based on the Bow that she was looking for and that she described to me, directly corresponded to my search.
  2. Then, I Traced the template using MTC.
  3. Once the template is traced, cut it using your cutter machine and the Pressure sensitive vinyl material.
  4. Now, I DID NOT remove the backing of the material completely. I Just removed where the bow was going to be attached, which are the corners and a little bit of the center of the bow.
  5. I Proceeded to crease and fold the center of the bow to make the form that I wanted it to be. Then tied it with a floral wire (the very thin one)
  6. After that, I covered the wire with another piece of the Pressure Sensitive material.
  7. The bow was placed on top of her veil. She was happy and it looked very, very pretty.

Customized Gift Box

This year we told my mother-in-law that her gift was going to be a little late because we wanted to get her something that had both kids’ pictures on it.  Since her birthday was before my due date she just had to wait on her gift.  She got an iPad mini recently so, after our family pictures were taken, we had a custom iPad case made for her.  I wanted something special as a gift box rather than wrapping it in plain paper.  I had my 4 year old, who is learning how to write, write “Happy Birthday Grammy” for the top of the box.  Rather then having her practice writing on nice cardstock she used her drawing pad and I scanned/pixel traced her handwriting into MTC.  This not only saved paper but allowed me to then center the message on the gift box.  This is only a practice of the box, I’m planning on making it out of heavier cardstock before we see her (my crafting time has sort-of been put on the back burner with a newborn in the house).                                           ipad-case-boximg_8939_4592 gift box





  • Force:  150
  • Passes:  3
  • Off-set:  none
  • Speed:  10/10
  • Embosser height: 25 post-its


  • Force:  65
  • Passes:  1
  • Off-set:  .25
  • Speed:  10/10
  • Blade height:  25 post-its


  1. Draw what you want your box to say.  High contrast between the paper and writing makes life easier.                                      ipad-case-boximg_8935_4588
  2. Scan in your drawing
  3. Design your file including pixel trace for your drawing.  This is an occasion where the “color” option on pixel trace comes in handy.  The handwriting can now be moved, resized, and even thickened to make it easier to read.
  4. Print out the design you want on the top.
  5. Emboss the fold lines.  I attempted Print and Cut with the embossing but I couldn’t get it to work properly due to minimum printer margins.  My design was pretty much in the center of the paper anyways so I just made do.
  6. WITHOUT taking out your mat change out the embossing tool to a blade and hide the emboss layer and make sure the cutting layers are active.
  7. Cut out the project and fold along the embossed lines.
  8. Tape your flaps to the sides to make a box .                            ipad-case-boximg_8937_4590
  9. Repeat with a second piece to make a full box (and add heart cutout as desired).  Making the bottom slightly smaller helps the two halve slide together easier.                                ipad-case-boximg_8938_4591 gift box