Happy Labor Day/Back to School

It is hard to believe summer is coming to an end. My kids are all adults so I don’t have all of the Back to School preparation like I use to. But this is a very sad back to school for me. After having my grandkids for 2 days per week for the past 8 years, this year they will both be in school fulltime.  When they left on Friday my grandson said “see you next summer Grama.” Like that is going to happen! They are only one hour away from me so I will still make weekly visits and see them for a bit after school.


My great nephew Gus is one, and although he won’t be going back to school his teacher mom will be. She stayed home with him the first year so this will be his first time in Daycare. So I made him this little “craft apron”, hopefully little boys wear such things. I found this at the Dollar store and thought it would be fun to personalize. The label says “Made of All New Material ” which had me worried. But I set the heat at 300, used the Teflon sheet, and made sure that I did not press the bee which was on the apron when I purchased it. I am happy to report that the apron did not melt and the heat transfer vinyl stuck. :O)


Thermoflex vinyl

Heat Press


KNK Maxx

red capped blade

force  80

Speed 300


Using Cut Files as Masks & Stencils

Hello fellow KnK-ers!

In my last post I demonstrated how I use cut files for embossing and I thought I’d look at another use for cut files today so I will show how cut files can be used for masking or stenciling.

You can use a large patterned panel such as these designs as a one-piece stencil to spray or ink through to create a great background for your peojects. Today though I will use smaller pieces to build up a scene and as Halloween is fast approaching I will create a spooky graveyard picture for the front of my card. The cut file is available at the end of this post :)

These are the Materials I used:

  • My wonderful KnK Zing
  • Make the Cut Software
  • Copic Markers & a Copic Airbrush set (sponging with ink works great too)

These are the Zing Settings I used:

  • Blade = Standard
  • Blade Height = 25 post-it notes
  • Offset = 0.30
  • Speed = 10
  • Force =  80
  • Passes = 1

Pic 1. I cut the pieces I will use as masks (the pieces which will protect my card and keep it white underneath) from some paper and added temporary adhesive on the back of them:

Halloween Scene 1

Pic 2. I cut my stencil pieces ensuring that there was plenty of paper around them to protect my card from over-spray (or over-sponging). I added temporary adhesive to the back of these too:

Halloween Scene 2

Pic 3. I placed my masking pieces, except for the clouds, onto my card front:

Halloween Scene 3

Pic 4. I placed the first cloud piece at the bottom of my card and sprayed along the top edge and slightly upwards with a light purple marker. You could also use ink sprays or your regular ink pads and a sponge to achieve similar results:

Halloween Scene 4

Pic 5: I continued to spray the clouds with 4 different colours of purple gradually getting darker towards the top alternating the 2 cloud pieces as I went:

Halloween Scene 5

Pic 6. Now the the masking is done we can do the stenciling, I placed the graveyard stencil piece at the bottom of my card and sprayed with a dark grey marker:

Halloween Scene 6

Pic 7. As I wanted my bats to look like they are flying in front of the moon I needed to remove my moon mask before I stenciled my bats, I used a black marker this time:

Halloween Scene 7

Pic 8. Once all of your masking/stenciling is done you have the fun of peeling any remaining masks from your card to reveal the bright white card underneath. I added the cloud pieces back over my moon and gave it a subtle cloudy look with a pale lilac marker:

Halloween Scene 8

Pic 9. To complete my card I backed my Halloween scene with some black card. I cut my sentiment from some more black card and adhered it to a strip of vellum which I wrapped around my scene panel and stuck to the back of it with tape. I then popped my panel onto a purple card base with 3d foam pads:

Halloween Scene 9

If you would like to see more projects I have created with my Zing, access my Free Cut Files and read my Terms of Use, you can find my blog here: www.birdscards.com

Here is today’s Cut File:

Halloween Scene by Bird

Halloween Scene Cut File by Bird

One of my new favorite things!

Every once in awhile you find something new that makes life so much easier. One of the things that consumes a lot of my time is finding the right font. There is a page called http://wordmark.it/ that you can go to and type in your word or saying and it will display it in all of the fonts that are on your computer. It has saved me so much time so I thought that I would share it!  Enjoy the last days of summer!

word mark it

Vinyl: Personalized labeling with vinyl and KNK

I’m back with another vinyl in the kitchen project. I recently refurbished my kitchen and decked it out with IKEA accessories. For this project, I created vinyl labels for my organic cooking spices and seasonings (since they don’t come in their own jars).



I opened Make-the-Cut and selected a font. For this project I used Vladimir Script. After typing in the words for each label, I split each object (word) and then welded it. Because of the font I selected, in most cases, I also had to break the object and remove some small (and unnecessary) shapes that I knew would not cut right at such a small size. And finally, I joined the word shapes together.

I used two straight lines to ensure my words were the same height.


Then I simply duplicated the lines and moved them into the planned cutting area so it would be easier to weed the vinyl.


I cut the vinyl on my Maxx Air using the settings above. Then, using transfer tape, I applied the labels to each of the jars.

Vinyl labels applied to glass jars

And here is the final result, in my IKEA holder.

vinyl labeled spice jars

And now, I am off to make labels for the larger jars! I hope this project inspires you to PERSONALIZE – whether it be kitchen labels like this, or pencil boxes for the kids, or whatever your creativity urges you to make!

T shirts!

aMANDA PINK i RUN FOR BENJAMIN This beautiful person is my niece Amanda.She is a mom to 3 awesome kids. She joined a program called I Run For   The program matches able bodied runners with people who due to a disability are unable to run. Amanda was matched with a little boy named Benjamin. Benjamin is Autistic. Amanda posts about her runs so Benjamin knows when she runs and how far. Amanda and Benjamin’s mom communicate so Amanda knows how Benjamin’s day went. Amanda asked me if I would make this decal for her running shirts.  I had just bought a heat press  and was nervous as this shirt is polyester. But I checked it out and was able to use thermoflex plus. I remembered to mirror the image prior to cutting it which I have about a 50% success rate after doing 8 shirts. :~) The heat press is easy to use and the vinyl is as easy to cut as any other vinyl. I don’t plan on starting a t shirt business but do plan on having a lot of fun making things for friends and family.

Materials used:

Heat press

Thermoflex plus


KNK Maxx

Red blade

90 force

350 speed