Sometimes the simplest things turn out sweet. I found this frame on sale at Michael’s. I loved the bright color. I used a piece of laminated burlap on the inside and then a simply designed arrow and Calibri bold font and ta-da! IMG_4198 Here is the file  dream big little one


15″KNK Maxx



Laminated burlap


Red capped blade

Speed 400

Force 46

Graduation card

I know I’m a little late for graduations, since most happened in June, but I wanted to share a card I made for my nephew, who just graduated from high school.

File Jul 16, 11 21 24 AM

I promise the glue stains don’t look that bad in real life. Sometimes when I take pictures, the glue marks look terrible! I also ran out of the worldwin paper stock so I used the DCWV black and silver paper and I hate the white core. I used Worldwide for the gray and it looks so much cleaner. I used a basic serif font for the 2015, as I ended up not using the congratulations included in the file. File Jul 16, 11 21 44 AM


The file I used was a file I’d had on my computer for a long time and I didn’t know where I got it. Ha ha! A little search on the Team KNK site determined I got it here. :)

I sized it up to about 6 inches wide because I wanted a little insert card where I could write a message. Also, instead of doing a gift card, I rolled a bill into a scroll and tied it and stuck it to the front. I didn’t get a good shot of the tassel, but I used embroidery thread and made a little tassel and hooked it on with a gold brass tack.

Used the Zing with a red blade that desperately needs to be replaced :) so my force is kind of on the high side (122) and the speed was 10/10, one pass.



Box for Cupcake Duo – Free File from Team KNK!

Boxes aplenty! I had so much fun making these boxes in a variety of colors, I wanted to bake more cupcakes just to give them all away! I’ve had fun making boxes before, especially the exploding gift boxes and even a pyramid shaped exploding gift box. But this one was specifically designed for my neighbor who has missed out on much of summer (so far) due to bronchitis and pneumonia. What could be better than chocolate to help her feel better? lol

I used basic shapes to create the entire design. Because I wanted the boxes to be strong enough to hold these triple chocolate cupcakes with a heavy dose of homemade chocolate frosting, I used WorldWin Colormates 12 x 12 card stock from the Smooth & Silky collection. I also cut some acetate to adhere to the inside of the lid (for the windows).

I created the box file with three options: a solid top, the duo window top shown in this post and a duo heart window top. All three are included in the FREE FILE.

20150707_174202 (800x414)

I also made a get-well card to go with the medicinal chocolate, using my KNK to “write” the messages for me.

20150707_173620 (501x800)   20150707_173638 (560x800)   20150707_173651 (646x800)


Cut Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 90
  • v = 300
  • p = 1

‘Write’ Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 35
  • v = 300
  • p = 1


  1. Open the Cupcake Gift Box file.
  2. Emboss the fold lines (remember to turn off the offset) with the embossing tool.
  3. Cut the perimeter of the box file (remember to change the offset to your standard blade offset setting).   20150707_191720 (800x778)
  4. Remove the cut project from the mat and press all of the fold lines.
  5. Add adhesive.
    20150707_192418 (800x766)

    Adhesive on ‘inside’ of box

    20150707_192430 (800x760)

    Adhesive on ‘outside’ of box

  6. Assemble the box.
    20150707_192515 (800x613)

    Fold up the small flap and adhere the side panels over it.

    20150707_192548 (740x800)

    20150707_192645 (800x714)

    Adhere the ‘cover’ flaps.

    20150707_192743 (780x800)

  7. Cut the insert to hold your cupcakes in place. Press the fold lines. Add adhesive. 20150707_193202 (800x307)
  8. Add the insert to the box and adhere the window material.   20150707_193621 (800x715)   20150707_194112 (800x747)
  9. Fill and embellish!  20150707_194229 (800x650)   20150707_194849 (800x405)   20150707_174029 (800x501)   20150707_174202 (800x414)
  10. Use the pen tool to ‘write’ your sentiments on the card.

My neighbor loved the little gift and card we brought her. Once the file was complete, it only took me about 10 minutes to cut, adhere, and assemble each box. I’m definitely hanging on to this file to use at work for birthday gifts for special people!

Tag team

My daughter loves to craft which makes me happy. She works fulltime and has 2 children so her “free time” is limited. She has instilled in both her children the love to create so they often all “craft” together even though they may all be working on different projects.

My daughter and family just bought a cottage and it came furnished. She has been working on redoing it to make it her own. She sent me the image that she wanted for a table top.

duck one I cut the vinyl for her. I used outdoor vinyl but with this type of project you can use either.

She applied the vinyl to the table top and then painted the table. When the paint was dry to the touch she removed the vinyl. It turned out great!

duck 3 duck2 Materials 

KNK Maxx

red capped blade

indoor vinyl


Speed 400

Force 42

Designing an “Art Wall”

My friend Cherrie has 7 grandchildren who often present her with art work that they have created.  No matter how large her refrigerator was, it would not accommodate such a wealth of talent.  On the enclosed patio, there was a blank wall that was just begging to have some kind of decoration.  Since the family occasions and dinners are often held on the patio, it was a perfect place for the grandchildren’s artwork to be displayed.  That way everybody in the family would have opportunities to appreciate and enjoy the creativity of all of the grandchildren.

In order for the “Art Wall” to be orderly and neat, Cherrie purchased a picture frame for each grandchild that would hold up to a letter sized piece of paper.  The frames can be hung either in landscape or portrait orientation so the art could be created however the grandchild wanted.

After the arrangement of the frames was decided, there was a lot of blank space left over.  The wall measures 115 inches wide by 54 inches tall.  Being a KNK Maxx owner, Cherrie decided that the wall would be a perfect place to add some vinyl sayings around the picture frames.  Using her KNK Studio software, Cherrie laid out the entire wall (yes, you can create a  sign blank that large).  The picture frame spaces were added to the sign blank in their exact positions and the coordinates of the lower left corners were noted to help with positioning them on the wall.  The chosen sayings were created using a variety of fonts and colors to be cut from wall vinyl.  The coordinates for placing the vinyl on the wall were also easily found on the KNK Studio screen taking the guess work out of that.

Here is a photo of the completed wall with artwork in the frames.  Cherrie is a Mickey Mouse fan and the grandchildren are well aware of that.


The lettering on the corners of the frames is the grandchildren’s names.  Cherrie curved the names around the corner so they would be readable whether the frame was hung in landscape or portrait orientation.  The frames can also be switched around so the latest artwork can be hung in the center position no matter which grandchild created it.


Here is a screen shot of the file created in KNK Studio to layout this fantastic accomplishment.


Congratulations, Cherrie!!!  This truly is a work of art in many ways!  Thank you for letting me share it.